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Zanu PF senator’s ‘illegal’ seizure of community property goes unchecked

By Fitzgerald Munyoro | Nehanda Local |

Residents and youth in Chipinge have continued to cry foul as Zanu PF senator Dorothy Mabika’s alleged seizure of Chipinge Country Club continues unabated.

Zanu PF senator Dorothy Mabika
Zanu PF senator Dorothy Mabika

Follow ups to a damning expose released by a pressure group that accused Mabika of using her political position to strong arm her way to seize Chipinge Country Club indicate that not much has changed and arresting or investigating authorities have turned a blind eye to the matter.

This is according to Chipinge Residents Trust chairperson Vhurande Mahlupeko who insists that the country club which was meant for the setting up of entrepreneurial ventures and recreational ventures by the youth has remained in the hands of Mabika who has remained unfazed.

“Earlier we revealed that council has a 99 year lease on the property and the club was meant to cater for youth in the arts and creative industry, However the senator is too powerful, no one can touch her and she does as she pleases.”

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“She now treats this building like she owns it and rents it outs to whom she wants and the people pay rent to her,” said Mahlupeko.

When contacted for comment on the matter, Chipinge Town Council chairperson Zivanai Nyakuchena said the privatization claims were false and ownership was still in the hands of council.

“The club used to belong to white settlers but we took over it’s management after winning a court case against them white settlers. We have refurbished the club so that it serves it’s mandate of offering recreational services,” said Nyakuchena.

Mabika, a board member at the state run ZBC, was fingered in a July 2021 situational report on public resources management that was published and released by Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development(ZIMCODD) as having declared herself as the land baroness of a council property in Chipinge.

The report by ZIMCODD said Senator Dorothy Mabika unilaterally mortgaged Chipinge Country Club for her own personal use and business without following due process to acquire or legally lease the property.

“Chipinge Residents Trust (CRT) complained that Chipinge Country Club is being privatized yet there is no single document to support that it is no longer council property.

“The rentals are being collected by Mrs Dorothy Mabika. After CRT asked for a file they heard that the record room caught fire a few days later’’, read part of the report.

The report further says that CRT chairperson Vhurande Mahlupeko lobbied for the closure of the club until ownership was disclosed giving credence to the fact that ownership had been privatized. Nehanda Radio