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Comedian Anna ‘Chibaby’ Honde blames Shugeta for cheating on her

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Comedian Anna ‘Chibaby’ Honde and ex-boyfriend radio personality DJ Shugeta real name Tafadzwa Shugeta have publicly addressed what transpired between them for their relationship to end.

DJ Shugeta cries during LIVE after breakup with Anna ‘Chibaby’ Honde
DJ Shugeta cried during LIVE after breakup with Anna ‘Chibaby’ Honde

Last month the pair made headlines after their messy breakup circulated on social media and Shugetta went as far as crying uncontrollably during a Facebook Live.

The two have appeared in public together for the first time since their break up.

They opened up about their relationship during an episode of Mangungundengu Podcast.

Asked on what went wrong between them Anna was quick to respond accusing Shugeta of cheating on her with multiple women.

“Ndanga ndisingade kuzvitaura but Tafadzwa cheated… you cheated Tafadzwa,” said Anna.

She continued, “You had conversation and I saw the conversations. Your phone was always on loud and kune vanvhu vanga vari mumota mako who heard your conversations.

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“I had people coming through on my platform with V11s (evidence) of conversations, number dzake dzichito budikira. The latest conversations between Tafadzwa and the girls.

“Yes they are different girls.”

In his defense Tafadzwa denied the allegations saying he respected Anna and did not have any other relationship with anyone at the time he was with her.

“Since I started dating Anna I never cheated, I do not remember being in any other relationship with someone else. I respected her as my woman,” said Shugeta.

Shugeta went on to detail how he had planned a grand proposal for Anna which was supposed to be published by NashTV but it couldn’t happen after she said no.

“Inini handina mari but wanted our engagement to be amazing. When I heard kuti she was having an interview on Nash TV, I talked to Butterfly to allow me come do my proposal during the interview.

“She agreed and I did, but Anna said No and we had to cut out that part so that people don’t see it. But since her friends were recording with their phones, they posted it on social media….

“After some few days that’s when my friends told me that Anna had dumped me on social media and we were trending,” said Shugeta. 

However Anna said cheating was not the main reason why she dumped Shugeta.

Asked to shed more light on why she had to end her relationship with the radio personality Anna declined to comment. Nehanda Radio