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Chiwenga ‘stole’ US$20k from account he claimed not to know about

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Courts |

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga allegedly “stole” US$20 000 from a CBZ account he claimed not to know about and is also at the centre of money laundering charges against his estranged wife Marry Mubaiwa.

Constantino Chiwenga and estranged wife Marry Chiwenga
Constantino Chiwenga and estranged wife Marry Chiwenga

This was brought to light by Mubaiwa in a statement where she was also demanding to see her children whom she has not seen for almost two years now after being blocked by controversial court rulings in support of her alien husband.

Mubaiwa is out on bail after being arrested in 2019 over allegations raised by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) that she unlawfully transferred US$919,000 to South Africa through CBZ under the guise of importing goods, between October 2018 and May 2019.

But she released shocking details that Chiwenga also used the same CBZ account recently to get money for special treatment in China.

“Who knew that one day you would steal from an account you claimed not to know two years ago, an account you also had me arrested because of your fake claims, now you’re taking money from it. Maybe there is something that I’m missing, they don’t even give me the amount that they gave you at the bank US$20 000,” Mubaiwa said.

She accused Chiwenga of blocking her from getting money for treatment locally while he uses his power as the VP and health minister to get money and treatment outside the country.

“I even struggle to pay my medical bills and yet they gave you that much. CBZ has a case too and, every fool will have their day in court. You have the comfort of going to China for your condition yet you block my every effort to get money from the bank to get treatment locally,” she added.

While being embroiled in these bitter legal battles, yet to be settled, the couple is going through a messy divorce with Chiwenga accusing Mubaiwa of fraudulently obtaining a marriage certificate without his consent earlier in 2019 when he was critically ill in South Africa.

Mubaiwa had additional charges of attempting to kill Chiwenga.

Through the courts, Mubaiwa has been denied access to children for almost two years now. She accuses Chiwenga of abusing their kids by blocking them from seeing their mother.

“My children suffer because of your abuse blocking them from and blocking me from them. When you hate someone you do it with everything in your blood, give me my children and my worth and let’s move on, you are holding on to me with my worth that you’re holding.

“They were done with you a long time ago, you only exist in the visible, they say ‘the lights are not, but there is noone at home’. My innocence is buried deep in your heart. If you search it, you will find it,” she protested. Nehanda Radio