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Roki is an artist – PERIOD… Analysis by Tendai Humbasha Maduwa

By Tendai Humbasha Maduwa

Okay fellas, as usual, mine are very unpopular posts with unpopular thinking, that of a mere villager. Let me start by boldly dismissing that this is not a review, I am not qualified Enough to do reviews and not anyone is anyways. So I will let those who are qualified to do it , go for it.

Koffi Olomide, Roki and Rayvanny
Koffi Olomide, Roki and Rayvanny

As an artist, I will speak with the voice of one. Roki is a businessman and his business is in music. Just like anyone else in business we make good and wrong investments, we take low and high risks. What happens next is another chapter we have to deal with when we get there.

Passion Java is an opportunist who uses whatever available (mostly controversial ways) to get his children’s bread buttered, yes he fake a lot of things in life, but reality is the dude is living well.

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ED (Emmerson Mnangagwa) on the other hand is a politician who also takes advantage of anything or anyone gullied and hungry to gain him more terms in office (just like any politician anyways).

Take Koffi aside (we will come back to him , since he is just a supporting character to the protagonist and antagonist in this equation). As we all know, it’s a public secret that things were bad for my brother Roki, after hitting rock bottom for years.

So Passion saw the opportunity to use him to push his master’s (ED) agenda. The same way he is using our two socialites Madam Boss and Mai TT (subject for another day). He brought money in business and Roki needed the money, roped in Koffi who has nothing to lose in this project except gaining financial muscle and vanish.

Unfortunately with experience we have seen music potentials or legends living like hobos after being made political condoms by ZANU PF.

You all remember Last Tambawoga Chiyangwa? The Rambai makashinga hit maker whose songs became national anthems on our stereos and television during RG (Robert Mugabe) era strategized by Jonathan Moyo.

I last saw this guy almost almost a decade ago, when he called me and I visited him in his parents house in St Marys Chitungwiza (ingwe drive). We had a lot to talk about, mostly his career and I suggested to him to visit Prof Fred Zindi the man I always consult from even in my own acting career.

Since then I have never heard from him again. You all remember the Born Free Crew?, Mbare Chimurenga Choir? What about Taurai Muteki? Our own Cde Chinx? Well they are many who were political agenda pushers. But where are all these guys?.

So I personally don’t care what Roki sings or whom he sings for. But my concern as a villager artist, is if his career will see sunlight again , considering how badly positioned he has been over the years.

Most of his fans had lost interests in him overally and this was an opportunity to bring them back to him again. After this then what? Maybe new fan base?

In showbiz, it’s either you exist now or you out. So if he base on the yesteryear glory thinking he will remain with his fans, the dancehall guys are fishing them away.

Again , Roki is a grown man right? And the career is his ? So like anyone else, let’s respect his choices.

After all is said and done, the song sounds interesting. Well done to all involved, and happy you got your kids bread at the expense of your career. (High business risk).

Yours signing out

Tendai Humbasha Maduwa (Villager)