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Jonathan Moyo defends Roki, says Mnangagwa chant “dumb, but not offensive”

By Keith Mlauzi  | Nehanda Showbiz |

Exiled former minister and G40 mastermind Jonathan Moyo has come to the defence of urban grooves star Roki after many social media users attacked him for having a line that praised President Emmerson Mnangagwa in his new song.

Former Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo
Former Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo

In the song Congolese rhumba star Koffi Olomide praised E.D saying, “ED Mnangagwa, number one.’ The line sparked outrage on the social media streets as many people attacked Roki accusing him of endorsing President Mnangagwa.

Posting on his twitter, Jonathan Moyo said people should not be offended by the line and should give Roki a break.

“If anyone is offended by the insipid Koffi Olomide lyric, ‘ED Munangangwa Number One “, which he chants only once in his ‘Patati Patata’ collabo with Roki and and Tanzania’s Rayvanny, then they need a moral compass. The chant is dumb, but not offensive. Give #Roki a break, he deserves it!” read Moyo’s tweet.

Film director and actor Tendai Humbasha Maduwa also sided with Roki saying he is just an artist working on getting bread for his children, but also took aim at him saying he might have dug his own grave by likening him to Cde Chinx and other musicians who were used as ‘condoms for ZANU PF’ and left in the cold.

“Roki is a businessman and his business is in music. Just like anyone else in business we make good and wrong investments, we take low and high risks,” he said.

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Tendai continued saying that Roki risks losing his fans to zim dancehall artists.

He said, “Unfortunately with experience we have seen music potentials or legends made political condoms by ZANU PF… You all remember the Born Free crew? Mbare Chimurenga Choir? What about Taurai Muteki? Our own Cde Chinx? Well they are many who were political agenda pushers. But where are all these guys?”

Tendai continued implying that this might have not been a well thought move by Roki considering how he had vanished from the showbiz scenes over the years.

“So I personally don’t care what Roki sings or whom he for. But my concern as a villager artist, is if his career will see sunlight again, considering how badly positioned he has been over the years.

“Most of his fans had lost interest in him overall and this was an opportunity to bring them back to him again. After this then what? Maybe a new fan base? In showbiz, it’s either you exist now or you out. So if he bases on the yesteryear glory thinking he will remain with his fans, the dancehall guys are finishing them away,” he added.

Journalist Wellins Chimusimbe commented on Tendai defending Roki saying the line was chanted by Koffi not Roki.

“I don’t get one thing. Koffi chanted ED not Roki. Roki’s lines have nothing political in them unless I misheard. Then it being the ruling party aligned as said, kutanga here ana Roki kudya nemusangano? Vapfana vese ve dancehall vazhinji vacho maghetto youths (if you get what I mean),” commented Wellins.

With all the controversy surrounding the song, it has attracted a million views on YouTube in just 28 hours of its release which is a record for a Zimbabwean artist.

The song was endorsed by South African international sensation Master KG of the Jerusalema hit song after he posted the song on his Instagram stories along with the YouTube link. Nehanda Radio