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Mutami to challenge ex-lover Mliswa for Norton seat in 2023 elections

Susan Mutami, the Australia based woman who claims to be pregnant with Norton MP Temba Mliswa’s twins, has declared her interest to challenge her former lover in his constituency in 2023.

Susan Mutami set Twitter ablaze last week after posting that she is three months pregnant with Temba Mliswa’s twins.
Susan Mutami set Twitter ablaze after posting that she is three months pregnant with Temba Mliswa’s twins.

Mutami, a businesswoman in Australia and Mliswa had a nasty fall-out earlier this year although she later revealed she was pregnant with his twins. She confirmed on Twitter that she will contest against Mliswa for the Norton seat in the upcoming 2023 elections.

Despite having been reported to have connections with several senior Zanu PF politicians including State Security Minister Owen Ncube and Bindura North MP Kenneth Musanhi, Mutami has not revealed whether she is going to contest as an independent candidate or join a mainstream party.

“The people of Norton deserve meaningful and not the current piecemeal development taking place there. This has caused me to have thorough reflections and brought me to the decision of contesting the Norton parliamentary seat in 2023,” she said.

“I have started mobilising some serious resources towards the development of that constituency with enormous economic potential. More details regarding this decision will be communicated in the fullness of time, #2023MaiMatwinsMuOffice.”

She added: “I have been contacted by people saying they are Temba’s emissaries who pleaded with me to take our issues off social media when it is Temba Mliswa who originally splashed my nudes and brought the issues on social media.

“They said they have been sent to negotiate with me while Temba himself blocked me. These people say they want the issue to be resolved traditionally yet Temba Mliswa has not even apologised to my Uncle whom he hates to the bone.

“His emissaries told me that he is more concerned about his political brand and not his children whom he has not contributed any single cent towards their preparation. To me, all this does not make any sense because a responsible person cannot put politics ahead of his children.”