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Mackenzie buying MDC officials to join Zanu PF – Jonathan Moyo alleges

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

Zanu PF Midlands provincial chairperson Daniel Mackenzie Ncube is being accused of bribing MDC officials to join Zanu PF, allegations he dismissed claiming the ruling party had “attractive policies”.

File picture of Zanu-PF Midlands chairman Daniel Mackenzie Ncube
File picture of Zanu-PF Midlands chairman Daniel Mackenzie Ncube

This comes after former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo alleged Ncube was responsible for buying opposition members who defected to the ruling party recently.

“DANIEL MACKENZIE NCUBE, Chairman of NOIC (Pvt) Ltd Board of Directors & Zanu PF Midlands provincial Chairman, is Mnangagwa’s key moneyman for buying defectors from the MDC in the Midlands & Matabeleland provinces. He was recently rebuffed by Abednico Bhebhe, who’s rejoined MDC-A!” the former information minister said.

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Responding to his followers on Twitter, Moyo added that the former MDC-T National Organising Secretary, Abednico Bhebhe who recently joined the Nelson Chamisa-led MDC Alliance, refused to be bribed to join the ruling party.

“It is your right to be dumb. Feel free. But the point is clear. So far only Mnangagwa’s clansmen from his region have taken the filthy lucre. Abednico Bhebhe, a key opposition leader in Matabeleland, EMPHATICALLY rejected the trinkets he was offered & chose to be with the MDC-A!” he said.

Contacted for a comment, Ncube sent a statement to Nehanda Radio dismissing the allegations and labelled opposition parties ” ideologically vacuous opposition parties were going to disintegrate and be blown into smithereens by the rejuvenated Zanu PF under the able command of His Excellency President Mnangagwa.”

He added MDC Alliance was responsible for the challenges it faces amid the recent defection of its few members to the Zanu PF.

“It doesn’t need one to be a rocket scientist to see that the opposition is falling by its own sword. That’s why in recent months Zanu PF has been receiving opposition members in droves and we will continue to welcome them to the revolutionary party. Zanu PF is a big family and new members are welcome to join us.

“Therefore, claims that I have been buying people from the opposition in Midlands and Matabeleland provinces to join Zanu PF are not only ridiculous but also laughable and absurd. People who are peddling such false narratives in their warped minds should wake up and smell the coffee.

“The revolutionary train under the command of Cde E D Mnangagwa is now unstoppable. The opposition is burning and it is now clutching on straws.

“The only convincing which former opposition members need to join Zanu PF are the people centred policies which are being rolled out by the government not money,” he added.

“Sell-out tendencies are known in the sanction-inviting opposition. That’s why the opposition party begged for Western countries to impose sanctions on us, selling the soul of the country with 30 pieces of silver. Zanu PF is a voluntary organisation where people are joining us willingly.

“Former opposition members don’t need money or coercion to join us but our attractive policies, our people centred leadership and remarkable transformation of the lives of ordinary people being engineered by His Excellency. Zanu PF is a pro-poor party which resonates with the suffering masses. Who have been crushed under the burden of sanctions.

“People who are joining us are doing so because they are seeing attractive policies which are being implemented by His Excellency. Since the inception of the Second Republic, President Mnangagwa has rolled out positive projects for the benefit of the people.

“Here in The Midlands we are receiving calls from former opposition members who are willing to join Zanu PF. This is after the realisation that Zanu PF is the only party with the people’s interests at heart.”

In February this year, Recently Blessing Chebundo and Lilian Timevous respectively dumped the Douglas Mwonzora-led MDC-T and the MDC Alliance and joined the ruling Zanu PF.

Zimbabwe’s former Deputy Justice Minister, Obert Gutu, also joined Zanu PF from the MDC-T claiming the opposition parties lacked vision. Nehanda Radio