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Patricia cracks into Comic Pastor’s crew

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Those who follow comedian Prosper Ngomashi’s skits on social media could have realised there is a new character that has joined him of late.

Patricia Putsayi and Nigel The Sleek Pastor
Patricia Putsayi and Nigel The Sleek Pastor

Ngomashi, who calls himself Comic Pastor, does his skits with a group he terms Comic Pastor and Associates.

But it is Patricia Putsayi who is proving her mettle among his recruits.

She is described by those who know her in one word — natural.

Patricia said in an interview that she is a shy person, but was never scared of the camera.

“Patricia is shy and cool in real life, she said, while describing herself. When people or fans meet up with me they expect to see a different character. I describe myself as an ambitious goal-getter and an achiever.”

Patricia said she relishes the time she went for an audition for the popular drama series “Tunga”, as that was her stepping stone in the arts sector.

“The first time I discovered that I could act was when I featured in the play ‘Wedding Night’ which was my first theatre production in university as it was a requirement for students to direct a play and stage it as part of the exams, that was the first time I appeared in front of an audience,” she said.

“From there, I became part of the short film productions which were produced under Midlands State University film department. My biggest opportunity which then led me to be discovered was the ‘Tunga’ drama series auditions.

“Surprisingly, I got the leading role. So, what started off as a practical exam has led me to taking part in some big projects.”

The Chitungwiza-based actress said her friend Blessing Chiwoto, who works with Comic Pastor, later introduced her to the crew and they gave her a chance.

“My friend from college, Blessing Chiwoto, made several calls inviting me to join their team. Last year in July, I visited their office and was introduced to the team and was immediately given a role playing as a baby mama” in a skit called ‘Baby Mama Dzevaviri Hadzipindirwe’ and I impressed.”

Patricia studied film and theatre arts at the Midlands State University.

She said although she is living her dream, the comedy sector is not fully yet recognised and supported.

Patricia said it was also difficult to penetrate such an environment, especially as a woman, because sometimes one is seen as a failure.

“The skits industry is growing, but the comedy sector is trapped just like the rest of the arts industry. I encourage the relevant authorities to support us, give us a platform to shine and even on funding, we can be assisted whichever possible way.”

Asked how she has been coping with the Covid-19 pandemic, Patricia said it has been tough and acting should be respected as it sustain livelihoods.

“The Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown has greatly affected the entertainment industry,.Besides, though performing virtually, sometimes our job requires people to meet and create content which involves the engagement.

“One of the biggest challenge that I can say I am facing in the industry is that people think that I am a comedian because I am working with comedians. I am just that simple girl next door in real life.”

And her role models are; “Internationally I admire Viola Davis because of how she carries the black excellence in all her characters. She presents a strong phenomenal woman in the film industry.

“Locally, I look up to Caroline Mashingaidze. I respect her work, the investment she has put in and staying true to her worth for both television and theatre.”

Patricia hopes one day she will be the face of various companies, and exploring other avenues in the film industry.

To date, she has worked on “Tunga” the drama series from 2016 to 2017 where she played the role of Chiedza.

From April 2018 to June 2019 she was with Jasen Mphepo at Little Theatre- Patsime Trust where she was part of five theatre productions, “Inside Out”, “The Storm”, “Prisoner XYZ”, “John Mambo and two wives” and “Bleeding Wounds”. The Herald