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Cal_Vin death no accident

By Langalakhe Mabena

The late Bulawayo hip-hop sensation Cal_Vin (Mgcini Nhliziyo)’s mother Sinikiwe Luphahla wants the police investigation into her son’s death to focus on the three people that witnessed the freak accident that claimed the life of the rap kingpin.

The late Bulawayo hip-hop sensation Cal_Vin (Mgcini Nhliziyo)
The late Bulawayo hip-hop sensation Cal_Vin (Mgcini Nhliziyo)

The three are the late hip-hop star’s girlfriend — Michelle Maphosa — and two male friends, one only identified as “Nkosi”.

The grieving Luphahla believes the testimony or statements of the three could shed more light into how Cal_Vin met his fate on 25 October 2020.

Circumstances in the public domain are that Cal_Vin died (aged 35) after being involved in a “hit and run” accident by a white Mazda Familia when he was coming from a local night spot.

But his mother has implored the police to look into those claims with fresh eyes.

Her motherly instincts can’t shake off the idea that the three know more than they are letting on, she told B-Metro Showbiz last week.

“I am far from getting closure on my son’s murder case because the police are very slow in solving the case.

“They (police) have to be serious because unkazana (Michelle) and the other friends who were there when all this happened have the answers, they just have to be investigated properly,” said Luphahla with a heavy heart.

For the first time, Cal_Vin’s girlfriend Maphosa, who is heavily pregnant with the late muso’s baby boy, has opened up to the media and shared her version of the story.

Maphosa, who is due to give birth anytime this month, has given the drama mill a fresh tale as she claimed the accident was, “never a hit-and-run”.

Her instincts tell her that the late Cal_Vin and the guy(s) who were driving the white Mazda Familia could have been known to each other.

“The accident was never a hit-and-run, if it was so, I could have been the one who was hit by that car because I was walking near the road, Vin was second from the other end.

“What really happened is that, these guys (in the Mazda Familia) just appeared behind us on our way home from the night spot. They flashed and drove behind us, with some sort of intention,” said Maphosa in a telephone interview.

She continued: “When the car was almost near us, it stopped and Vin approached them politely and told them they must drive properly. When he intended to come back to us, the car hit him on his left knee and he sat on the bonnet,” said Maphosa.

She said the car drove slowly while Cal_Vin was on top of the bonnet.

“I remember very well because I was the only one sober among us. We did not take action because there was no sign of a fight, and the car was driving slow. The car drove further away from us and I saw it flashing brake lights.

“From my point of view, I think Vin fell in front of the car and those guys assumed he fell on the side, so they dragged him for a distance and sped off as soon as they realised he was under the car,” said Maphosa.

Maphosa says she always gets flashbacks of the accident everyday and she said it sometimes affects her pregnancy.

“Every time I sit down, I think of that day. I am pregnant and it sometimes affects my moods. I am carrying his son and it’s painful how I am going to tell the unborn innocent baby who is and where his father is,” said Maphosa.

Cal_Vin’s friend, who resides in Luveve opposite the Nhliziyo household, who was also present on the night, had a few words to say.

“I honestly can’t talk about what happened that night because it could have been explainable if Cal_Vin was fighting with those guys. What hurts is that the police are taking a lot of time in dealing with the matter. It’s even more stressing because everyone wants closure,” said Nkosi. B Metro