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NMB opens money transfer centre

NMB Bank has opened a money transfer centre that will allow for quick and focused service when one is collecting money sent from abroad.

Dual-listed financial services group NMB Zimbabwe (NMBZ)
Dual-listed financial services group NMB Zimbabwe (NMBZ)

The centre will also make it easier for customers paying DSTV subscriptions. NMB Bank’s facility is located in Harare’s central business district (CBD).

According to the bank, anyone receiving money sent via World Remit, Mukuru, Senditoo and Small World can collect the money from the Centre, which is situated at the corner of First Street and Kwame Nkrumah Avenue.

DStv payments can also be made at the centre, with instant connection or re-connection, if service has been suspended due to late payment.

“While money transfer and DSTV payment services are available at all our branches and at our Mohammed Mussa agency, our new MTA and DSTV Centre is specifically dedicated to these services.

“This should ensure that service is fast and efficient for those making use of the centre to collect money sent to them via World Remit, Mukuru, Senditoo and Small World or to make DSTV payments,” NMB Bank chief executive officer Ben Washaya said.

“Cash is guaranteed in clean United States dollar notes. The centre’s normal opening hours are from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays. Our intention in opening this centre is to offer personalised and fast service not only to our customers but to anyone needing to collect remittances or pay DStv subscriptions,” he added.

NMB Bank, which is well known for customer service excellence continues to seek ways to further enhance the customer experience and guarantees payment of money transfer funds in US dollars at all its branches.

NMB customers can also opt to have remittance receipts paid directly into their nostro accounts with the bank and can withdraw US dollar cash from the account at their convenience.

The opening of the MTA and DStv Centre offers added convenience, since transactions are limited chiefly to payment of money sent through one of NMB’s four money transfer partners and to DStv payments.

Additionally, those wishing to open an account with NMB Bank can also do so at the NMB Bank MTA and DStv Centre. The Herald