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Killer T inspires young musician

By Yeukai Karengezeka

Fifteen year old Bradley Tanyanyiwa aka Booker T, who recently released his debut album titled “Munoera” says he was inspired to venture into music by the Zimdancehall chanter Killer T.

Bradley Tanyanyiwa aka Booker T and Killer T
Bradley Tanyanyiwa aka Booker T and Killer T

In an interview, Tanyanyiwa said Killer T was his role model and was looking forward to work hard to earn popularity in the music industry.

“Singing has become my passion and I am working extremely hard to produce good music that will create a name for me in this industry,” he said. “Killer T has been my inspiration, I love the way he sings and meaning conveyed in his music. My greatest desire is to have a collabo with him someday.”

The title track “Munoera” which praises God and features another teen musician Cashley Vibes is the only gospel dancehall track.

Other tracks on the album are “Mandipa”, “Handiite”, “Rwendo Remangoma”, “Kudhara Dhara” and “Ndapinda Ndakachinja”.

The tracks were produced by Craige Bone and Marlon T.

Currently, he is working on the video for the song “Mandipa.”

Tanyanyiwa who initially wanted to become a soccer player switched his passion to music during the first national lockdown of March last year.

He said his music is drawn from personal experiences and what he observes happening in the society.

“I started doing music last year in March that when I realised that I can explore this gift and I recorded my first single “ “Pamujarachi” in May,” he said. “From child hood I was a good soccer player and was in my primary school football team.

“I sing about the things that I experience in my life and those that I observe in the society and I hope that those listening to my music can learn one or two things about life issues.”

Tanyanyiwa, who is a Form 3 student at Mandedza High School says he knows how to balance studying and music.

“I am quite disciplined and I only do music during holidays because I learn at a boarding school and when at school I totally focus on my studies,” he said. “I want to become a great musician and businessman when I complete my studies.”

His parents Edgar and Moleen Tanyanyiwa have been his pillar of strength and support. He, however, bemoaned lack of sufficient resources to fund his musical career.

“I am grateful that my parents are loving and supportive,” he said. “They are the ones who financially support me although I am straining them. I need sponsors who can assist me to record more music, shoot more videos among other things.” The Herald