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Dynamos players for Belgian attachment

By Tadious Manyepo

Relations between Dynamos and Belgian Premiership side, KV Mechelen, have grown in leaps and bounds, despite the prevailing logistical challenges restricting movement.

REUNION TIME . . . Dynamos chairman Isiah Mupfurutsa (left) announces the appointment of Tonderai Ndiraya (right) as head coach of the Glamour Boys at a media conference in Harare yesterday
REUNION TIME . . . Dynamos chairman Isiah Mupfurutsa (left) announces the appointment of Tonderai Ndiraya (right) as head coach of the Glamour Boys at a media conference in Harare

Players from the Glamour Boys will soon get a chance to be attached at the European club.

DeMbare and KV Mechelen are in a technical partnership which has largely benefited both clubs, with the Tonderai Ndiraya’s men receiving technical support, including modern day sport science equipment.

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Ndiraya had a chance to learn first-hand, from the team’s technical department, about the new training and coaching trends when he went for a month-long attachment at the club in 2019.

The country’s most successful team were set to receive coaches from KV Mechelen last year as part of the ongoing exchange programme.

But the plans were shelved because of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has halted football activities in the country since March last year.

Dynamos executive chairman, Isaiah Mupfurutsa, said their players will get a chance to be attached at KV Mechelen.

There is also a likelihood that those who will impress could secure themselves move to the Belgian side.

“It’s unfortunate that Covid-19 descended, the way it did, upon us,’’ he said. “Our project with KV Mechelen is huge.

“We were expecting that, by the end of 2020, their technical team would visit us, as part of our exchange programmes.

“Our coach, Tonderai Ndiraya, spent about a month, or so, in Belgium, attached at KV Mechelen, where he learnt a lot, in terms of the modern game.

“He even described the experience as incredible and that visit was certainly not a one-off event.’’

He said Ndiraya could have returned to Belgium had it not been for the pandemic.

“Had it not been for Covid-19, Ndiraya would have visited twice, or thrice, between last year and now,’’ Mupfurutsa said.

“We have a very strong relationship with them and, as we go, our players will also get a chance to be attached, at the club, and an opportunity to explore new training trends in world football.

“It’s not only about them getting attached there but some of them could as well get permanent moves there.

“It’s a partnership that is beneficial, especially to us, given our background.”

Despite the challenges, which have stifled movement of both people and equipment, the Belgian side last year sent equipment for use by the Dynamos technical and administration departments.

The equipment, running into thousands of dollars, was briefly used when Premiership teams were given the green-light to start training, in October last year.

Mupfurutsa said KV Mechelen have promised to send more equipment, as soon as the restrictions ease.

“We continue engaging our Belgian partners and, as soon as the Covid-19 situation around the world eases, we will continue receiving support from them.

“There is a lot in the offing and, like what we said, when we received the first batch of equipment last year, more is coming.

“We have set short-and-long-term goals as a team and the support we are getting from Belgium is in tandem with our aims.” The Herald.