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Finally some recognition! Byo artistes speak on NAMA and global recognition

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

In years gone by Bulawayo was a city known as the capital of showbiz. The tables turned with most Bulawayo artistes crying foul claiming they were not given much recognition in the country and most radio stations were shelving their music. Could things be swinging back?

Novuyo Seagirll
Novuyo Seagirll

The narration seems to be changing as a number of Bulawayo based artistes seem to be happy with the spotlight given to them. A handful of Bulawayo based artistes have been nominated in the upcoming Zimbabwe Music Awards 2021 (ZIMA) scheduled for 20 February.

Kwaito musician Mzobanzi ‘Mzoe 7’ Mlauzi who has been nominated in the best Kwaito/ houz category says the recognition has come at a right time after so much hard work without acknowledgement.

Mzobanzi Mlauzi also known as Mzoe7
Mzobanzi Mlauzi (right) also known as Mzoe7

“I believe everything happens for a reason hard for so long …. Now it’s the time we get national recognition and some of us are getting to the international stages, it really feels so good to be recognized and knowing your work is reaching so many people,” he said.

Novuyo Seagirl who has won a number of awards at the Bulawayo Arts Awards and a Star FM award for her hit A.E.I.O.U has also expressed her excitement at being recognized at national level.

“It means a lot to know we are now appreciated and recognized at national level. We used to cry for recognition and airplay but the establishment of two radio stations in Bulawayo has helped us reach a wider audience and now we get noticed outside Bulawayo.”

Seagirl who is also nominated in the best Kwaito/houz category faced rejection in her own hometown in 2019 as she was booed off stage during the ZITF shutdown concert.

Speaking of the incident she said, a lot has changed from that time and they have been getting endorsement deals from different companies across the world.

Speaking of division and support, Seagirl said, “The reason why people from Harare will always strive is because they support each other they are not divided.

“However, they are some people who will not support you simply because you are from Bulawayo. I saw some people hating on ASAPH’s MAMA nomination simply because he is from Bulawayo.”


Rapper ASAPH who earned himself two nominations at the NAMAs and a continental nomination at the MTV Africa Music Awards Kampala 21 (MAMA) says it’s such a big deal for him just to be nominated and finally making history.

“Feels good to get recognized on such a big platform as a Hip Hop artist from Bulawayo, I have made history for both Bulawayo Music and for the Zim Hip Hop industry.”

Female rapper Awakhiwe Sibanda, also known as Awa Khiwe
Female rapper Awakhiwe Sibanda, also known as Awa Khiwe

German based female rapper Awa Khiwe, not so known by many told Nehanda Radio that it was her unique style that has earned her some global recognition. The rapper who has been focusing more on performances said she has always received warm welcome and has never felt rejected.