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Minister Garwe’s wife Sharon Mugabe in Z$1,4 million bank loan scandal

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro | Nehanda Politics |

Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities Daniel Garwe’s wife, Sharon Mugabe has been caught in massive allegations of corruption where she demanded an urgent loan of Z$1,4 million from the National Building Society (NBS) without even being a client of the bank.

Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities Daniel Garwe and his wife Sharon Mugabe
Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities Daniel Garwe and his wife Sharon Mugabe

Nehanda Radio is reliably informed that Ethel Rumbidzai Chitanda, an employee at NBS Bank has since been fired after she allegedly tried to stop the minister’s wife from getting the loan.

It is also alleged that the dismissal of Chitanda was to pave the way for the remaining staff to approve the loan.

According to an anonymous statement sent to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission Chairperson Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo by NBS Bank junior employees who refused to cite their names for fear of victimization, minister Garwe is accused of trying to force his way to have the bank fund an illegal housing development scheme taking place in Melfort, Goromonzi.

“This anonymous letter serves to inform you of the corruption Hon Minister Daniel Garwe and His Wife Sharon Mugabe perpetrated and are trying to forcibly pepertrate at the nation’s National Building Society Bank and NSSA.

“Honourable Garwe forced himself through his wife Sharon Mugabe into the NBS Bank where they demanded an urgent loan without even being clients of the bank but pressure was that Sharon Mugabe is the minister’s wife and the instruction is she has to get a loan that has to be converted into forex so she could take her father for hospitalisation out of the country.

“Sharon Mugabe was then made to submit a written application on the 18th of June 2020. Upon verification, to process the application, the Chief Finance Officer Ethel Chitanda rejected the loan application citing some irregularities.

“She highlighted that Sharon Mugabe was a new client who had just submitted her account opening forms and no traceable history, also her credit rating outside the bank was poor and the bank had no provision for such a loan at that time.

“However, when Minister Garwe asked who rejected his wife’s loan and found out it was Ethel, he influenced that she be fired and that was done immediately on the 19th of June 2020 for disapproving the minister’s wife loan. This forced those who remained to immediately approve the loan and, the value of the loan was 1,4 million Rtgs at that point in time.

“So imagine Sharon Mugabe Garwe was not even a client of NBS. Instead she applied to open a bank account and applied for a bank loan the same day. This type of behavior leaves many Zimbabweans with unanswered questions when gross abuse of office is being done with those who try to portray a good image to the nation yet they are actual criminals in action.

“Approving Z$1,4 million on the pensioners monies leaves a lot to be desired especially to Sharon Mugabe Garwe who the bank had rated unsuitable for the loan because of her creditworthiness. Pensioners are struggling with their small amounts of pension, but when Z$1,4 million is given to Sharon Mugabe Garwe just for being minister’s wife then thus a clear indication of the said corruption.

“Above all that, Minister Garwe is forcing his way to have the bank fund an illegal housing development scheme taking place in Melfort, Goromonzi.

“Despite that our banks technocrats have raised a flag against it, Hon Garwe has proceeded to issue a statement in the Sunday Mail that NBS Bank is going to be financing the housing project in partnership with his ministry and NSSA and even erected a billboard to that effect on the illegal construction on the ground purporting that its part of the President Mnangagwa’s vision 2030 and national regularisation programme.

“The program was even flighted on ZTV several times on and around the 26th of October and youths with dust coats that carried government logos were seen on the ground breaking ceremony where His Excellency was said to be officiating yet our bank was not even aware of it.

“This has tarnished the image of the bank immensely as people have been paying money to illegal land barons and coming to our offices to enquire about progress on the development which the bank is not even involved in.

“Commissioner kindly attach a hotline and invite all who were misled and made to pay money for the stands on the pretext that the bank is involved as we are made to understand that the first phase of 1300stands was fully sold with people paying a minimum of $300deposit and now phase 2 is being sold defying the court order to stop the illegal sells but based on the strength of the Hon Minister Daniel Garwes guarantee and advertisement through the billboard, branded dust coats, media both radio and television and print media as well.

“We have agreed to write this as anonymous as we are only junior employees in the bank and obviously being perpetrated by a sitting cabinet minister we know our superiors will not report this,” read the statement.

Contacted for comment minister Garwe and his wife did not answer the calls nor did they reply to the messages sent to them by Nehanda Radio.