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COVID-19: Zim to receive vaccine

Zimbabwe is among a selected few countries that will soon receive the Covid-19 vaccine from China, Chinese ambassador Guo Shaochum said.

China Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Guo Shaochun
China Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Guo Shaochun

In a statement on Twitter, Ambassador Sahochum said “Zimbabwe will be one of the first 13 countries to receive vaccine aid from China very soon”.

Already China has donated half a million doses of the Sinopharm vaccine to Pakistan as the world economic giant lives to its commitment of making Covid-19 vaccines, developed and deployed in China, a global public good.

“Apart from Pakistan, China is also providing vaccine aid to Brunei, Nepal, the Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Palestine, Belarus, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Equatorial Guinea, altogether 13 developing countries,” the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a statement. The Herald.