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Corruption: Senior cop Makodza arrested

The top cop in Matabeleland North was arrested yesterday for allowing his girlfriend to run private businesses on a police farm since 2019 without paying a cent into police funds.

Comm Makodza
Comm Makodza

Commissioner Erasmus Makodza, now the officer commanding Matabeleland North, was arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission on charges of criminal abuse of office for allegedly concealing from the police a personal transaction involving the force when he was in his previous post as officer commanding Mashonaland East.

Makodza, who allegedly purported to be representing the police in the deal structured with his girlfriend, Mawonei Chapfudza, entered into a joint venture agreement for Lendy Farm in Marondera in 2019 and imposed her as a private investor.

Chapfudza then, with the alleged blessing of Makodza, used the police farm for her personal business without remitting anything in terms of that agreement.

Zacc spokesperson Commissioner John Makamure confirmed the arrest yesterday.

“He is currently assisting us with investigations. We expect him to appear in court tomorrow.”

It is alleged that Makodza during his stint as officer commanding Mashonaland East hatched a plan to corruptly benefit from businesses on the farm. Comm Makamure said allegations were that Makodza imposed Chapfudza as a private investor at the farm in the areas of horticulture, piggery and poultry among others.

Makodza did not tell his bosses that Chapfudza was his girlfriend with whom he had a four-year-old child, said Comm Makamure, but entered into a joint venture with Chapfudza without telling either his subordinated or his superiors.

“Our preliminary investigations have shown that this joint venture was never fully implemented as envisaged in the agreement as Chapfudza ended up doing her work at the farm with the full blessing and concurrence with the accused person.

“She was using police resources to do her projects without remitting the requisite 10 percent to police as was in terms of that agreement,” said Comm Makamure.

He said Makodza did not disclose his personal interest in the project given that Chapfudza was a mother of his child according to birth registration records.

Comm Makamure said Zacc will continue to arrest offenders without fear or favour.

“We want to warn people occupying high offices that the law will treat you the same like any other person. As Zacc we will invoke the law without fear or favour,” he said. The Herald.