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Q Dube battling Covid-19: Please take care of yourselves, comedian tells people

Award-winning comedian, Q Dube who is down with Covid-19 has shared his recovery on social media with his followers wishing him a speedy recovery.

Q Dube
Q Dube

Q Dube has been living in South Africa where the novel virus has ravished the country. So far, it has killed over 40 000 people and infected over 1.4 million in the neighbouring country.

The comedian shared his first video on Facebook on Sunday afternoon while in bed with an oxygen mask and connected to IV tubes.

“Please take care of yourselves,” Q Dube advised followers on social media.

Following this, friends, fans and family all wished him a speedy recovery.

Q Dube this week followed up with another video of him lying-in bed, hooked up to a ventilator with what looked like a doctor attending to him at home.

“This thing is extremely painful. Please, take care of yourselves,” he urged people again.

On the comments section, one Tarisai Vushe wished him a speedy recovery while assuring the comedian that he would overcome Covid-19.

“It is painful right now, but the greatest thing is that you are stronger than this and you will pull through. God has the last say about you and not the enemy. Jesus got your back. The enemy is defeated. Can try but he won’t win.”

Fellow comedians also wished him a speedy recovery.

“Get well soon bro… much love,” wrote Chik Aljoy.

“Heal fast funny man,” commented Nomsa Dee. The Chronicle