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“Thank you for the prayers”… Awa Khiwe discharged from hospital

By Keith Mlauzi | Nehanda Showbiz |

Female rapper Awakhiwe Sibanda, also known as Awa Khiwe in the hip hop circles has been discharged from hospital after enduring sharp pains due to a lung infection.

Female rapper Awakhiwe Sibanda, also known as Awa Khiwe
Female rapper Awakhiwe Sibanda, also known as Awa Khiwe

The Germany-based Zimbabwean rapper revealed last week that she has been battling with pneumonia and requested prayers from her fans.

In her latest post she has thanked her fans for keeping her in prayers at such a crucial time.

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“Thank you so much for the prayers, sweet messages, love and your genuine concern, I am feeling much better. I have been discharged and recovering well,” read her tweet.

The ‘Ngeke Bangmele’ hit maker revealed in an emotional post that she would be taking some time off from work until she fully recovers. In the post she said she had been battling pneumonia for a while and it was getting worse.

“I have been ill for a week and I have been trying to keep it together but I’m getting worse. It’s not corona, I have Pneumonia. I am taking medication, I just need to rest, take my meds and make sure I don’t catch corona.

“The doctor said I might not recover if I catch it because of the lung infection. Please do not visit me, it’s too risky, let’s love each other from a distance till I have fully recovered.

“I will be back on work soon, I am taking some time off to rest, and I am in so much pain. Please keep me in your prayers.” Nehanda Radio