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Nyatanga relieved by negative Covid test

The Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association founding leader, Eddie “Mboma” Nyatanga, says he feels relieved after testing negative for coronavirus.

Eddie "Mboma" Nyatanga
Eddie “Mboma” Nyatanga

Nyatanga said he had to deal with stigma following the death of his father, James. The senior Nyatanga, who was diabetic, passed away at his home in Cranborne, Harare, earlier this month at the age of 85.

And the football administrator, who once tested positive for coronavirus last year, said he had to take another test after getting an offer from Borrowdale Trauma Centre.

The facility is run by medical Doctor Vivek Solanki, who is one of the front-line personnel in the fight against the global pandemic.

“He did it for free, no payment. I wasn’t comfortable after the burial (of my father) and with the way people were treating me during the funeral,” said Nyatanga.

“They (Borrowdale Trauma Centre) have a professional staff and the original test kits cost US$70 and takes only 30 minutes to have your results.

“I encourage people to know their coronavirus situation before it’s too late so that they can go on medication especially after attending gatherings and funerals.

“I am grateful to the Trauma Centre Borrowdale run by veteran Doctor Solanki, who is also working on the front line in the fight against the pandemic,” said Nyatanga.

The football enthusiast also urged Zimbabweans to adhere to the health regulations and respect the Government’s efforts in the fight against the disease.

Covid-19 has not spared sports personalities in Zimbabwe. There was a huge jolt recently when 15 members of the national team camp that was preparing for the Africa Nations Championships currently taking place in Cameroon returned positive tests.

Six FC Platinum players and three officials also tested positive in Tanzania where they had gone for a CAF Champions League match.

Previously two members of the national cricket team also tested positive and some domestic Premiership clubs also had positive cases. Former Zimbabwe international Carlos Max also tested positive recently and is currently recovering in self-isolation at home. The Herald