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“Reckless” NewZim reporter found, ‘went to prayer mountain in Bindura’

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

Costa Nkomo, a prominent journalist with NewZimbabwe.com who has been missing for almost four days (since Thursday) has resurfaced after he says he had gone to Bindura for prayers without notifying anyone even his girlfriend.

Costa Nkomo, a prominent journalist with NewZimbabwe.com
Costa Nkomo, a prominent journalist with NewZimbabwe.com (Picture by NewZimbabwe.com)

In a statement the Young Journalists Association (YOJA) spokesperson Leopold Munhende said Nkomo’s action was “reckless” given that the former 263Chat reporter did not notify anyone including his family and girlfriend.

“The Young Journalists Association (YOJA) would like to express its gratitude for the love shown and efforts of everyone who was involved in the search for Costa Nkomo.

“We regret the recklessness of his actions and hope this incident serves as a lesson to everyone else within the media industry and in other circles that no matter the challenge, communication is key.

“Nkomo chose to travel all the way to Bindura for a prayer session without notifying anyone. He switched off all his phones and assumed no one would look for him as he was on leave.

“It is saddening that he did not imagine the noise that might arise once we all realised he was not reachable.

“YOJA would like to thank everyone for not turning his “Missing Person Alert” into a political narrative.

“We applaud your unity and humanity for having felt the pain we felt at the time and sharing his flier and the information everywhere.

“May you not lose heart next time and dismiss similar reports based on this mistake,” Munhende said. Nehanda Radio