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Masotsha takes sabbatical from active politics, claims family in danger

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro  | Nehanda Politics |

Opposition MDC-Alliance Bulawayo Province chairlady, Tendai Masotsha has taken a sabbatical from active politics amid what she claims are concerns that her family is in danger.

Tawanda Muchehiwa and Tendai Masocha
Tawanda Muchehiwa and Tendai Masotsha

Masotsha has been accused of being involved in the abduction and torture of ZimLive editor Mduduzi Mathuthu’s nephew Tawanda Muchehiwa.

The MDC Alliance pledged to investigate the allegations and through Jameson Timba who led the Ad Hoc Committee, later said there was no evidence to link Masotsha with Muchehiwa’s abduction.

Nevertheless, the Ad Hoc Committee’s findings were criticised by several observers who still insisted that the MDC Alliance senior member had a hand in the abduction.

Against this background, Masotsha wrote a public statement, served to Amos Chibaya, the MDC Alliance national organising secretary confirming that she taking a break.

“The recent events about my personal and political life have placed my life and that of my family at great risk to the extent that after consultation with my family and have decided to take a sabbatical from active politics until such a time that the dangers my family face can be contained.

“It has been increasingly clear to me that my case has become a distraction to the real challenges that my party, the MDC Alliance, have to confront in its political struggles against Zanu PF on behalf of the long suffering people of Zimbabwe.

“It is critically important that I immediately stand aside from active politics so as to allow the party to focus on its core business of opposing Zanu PF and mobilising people against a system that has caused them immeasurable suffering,” Masotsha said in a statement seen by Nehanda Radio.

In another twist however the MDC Alliance’s National Standing Committee met on Thursday and recommended that Masotsha be expelled from the party.

Party spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said that this was because “her conduct violates the values that govern the party and her continued membership would be detrimental to the MDC Alliance.”

Muchehiwa was abducted by suspected state security agents on 30 July 2020, the eve of the 31st July protests against corruption in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s under-fire administration.

The organiser of the protests, Transform Zimbabwe leader Jacob Ngarivhume was arrested on the 20th of July and charged with inciting violence. Nehanda Radio