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Moana’s sister drops bombshell; blames Ginimbi for her death

By Vongai Mbara | Nehanda Showbiz |

The late socialite Moana’s sister Tatenda is speaking out about the tragic incident that claimed her older sister’s life and she blames the late flamboyant businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure.

Moana and her sister Tatenda
Moana and her sister Tatenda

Speaking in an interview, Tatenda said she never liked Ginimbi and warned Moana about him.

“I always warned her about Ginimbi and I told her I didn’t like him but she kept on insisting that he was her friend. I know for a fact that my sister died for things she didn’t know about.

“Akabatanidzirwa! She can’t just die like that. We should have seen brake pad marks on the road to show that Ginimbi tried to stop the car. Ginimbi was haunted by dark spirits and unfortunately my sister was caught up in it,” said Tatenda.

She also revealed that she had a bad feeling about Ginimbi but ended up pretending to like him for her sister’s sake.

“There was just something about Ginimbi that made me scared of him. I ended up pretending to like him just because he was friends with my sister but deep down I didn’t like him,” she said.

She went on to explain that Moana was in a bad mood the night before her tragic death.

“She was in a weird mood but I just thought since she was 6 months pregnant, it was normal to have mood swings. We were at the hotel and Ginimbi delayed coming to pick us because he said he was waiting for the police to disperse. We waited up to 1:30 am. We were annoyed by that and we almost didn’t want to go to the club anymore,” Tatenda recalled.

Ginimbi then came with his convoy and they went to the club. Tatenda said after the party, she tried to convince her sister not to go with Ginimbi but her efforts were in vein.

“I didn’t want her to go to Domboshava but she said they wanted to have more drinks there. I told her I was too tired to go there so they left without me. That was the last time I saw my sister,” she said.

Speaking about Moana and Ginimbi’s relationship, Tatenda said she knew that they were friends but doesn’t know if there was something more than that.

She also revealed that a month ago when Moana relocated to South Africa, she gave away her stuff to her family and said that she was not coming back to Zimbabwe.

“I suspected something was fishy because before she went to South Africa, she gave away her belongings and properties. She renovated the house. It was as if it was planned. I don’t even understand. It’s like she knew she was going to die,” said Tatenda.

She also confirmed that Moana’s body has been identified and she will be laid to rest tomorrow at Zororo cemetery. Nehanda Radio

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