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Baba Harare falls out with distributor

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

It is true the divorce papers are on the table. What is left are negotiations on who gets what before the separation is sealed?

Charles "Torro" Guvamatanga and jit musician Baba Harare
Charles “Torro” Guvamatanga and jit musician Baba Harare

The marriage between Jiti musician Baba Harare and music distribution company Jacaranda Media Group (JMG) seems to be over with revelations that the two parties are in negotiations to terminate their union.

Baba Harare and Jacaranda Media had a contract that the company was the sole marketer of Baba Harare’s music online and other platforms until November 2021.

Jacaranda Media co-director Charles Guvamatanga confirmed the development in a statement.

“We acknowledge that there are negotiations between Baba Harare and his new management regarding the termination of Baba’s Harare’s current contract with us so that they can self-distribute their own music catalogue. These negotiations came after Baba Harare through his new management filed a copyright infringement notice based on false claims that Jacaranda Media Group had no right to distribute his music,” he said.

Guvamatanga claims that Baba Harare resisted terminating their union but JMG won the case in August 2020.

He went on to say the negotiations to terminate their contract are being stalled by Baba Harare’s new management which he alleges are refusing to sign the termination.

“The contract termination negotiations stalled due to Baba Harare’s management not agreeing to sign the termination contract and being ignorant of the terms of the termination of the contract on the condition that Baba Harare is to pay back JMG back the monies advanced and invested into brand building and the creation of Baba Harare brand digital net worth and an early termination fee to cover for the loss of earnings JMG will incur as per agreeing to release Baba Harare from his contract.”

“On September 14, Baba Harare and his management team were served with a cease and desist notification from JMG for breach of contract by filing for the copyright infringement notice and to stop slandering and defaming the character and integrity of the JMG’s image and its directors in the press, other JMG artistes and JMG affiliates,” explained Guvamatanga.

Recently Baba Harare filed summons at the High Court claiming about £45 000 accrued in royalties from sales and distribution of his four albums by JMG.

In his claim, Baba Harare said JMG had not paid him according to their contractual obligations.

Guvamatanga claims they have not received any summons and that Baba Harare was being economic with information regarding the lawsuit.

He claimed that Baba Harare’s move was a publicity stunt to sell his latest album “Izvi ZVinoitirwei Izvi” which he didn’t want JMG to market it.

“We refute all claims by Baba Harare that we breached our contractual obligations and we have acted accordingly as per our agreement. We have engaged our legal team which is looking into avenues whereby we can bring this matter to an amicable closure which is beneficial and lucrative for both parties.

“We approached the courts for verification where this lawsuit is said to have been filed but we have informed that there are no records of such a filing.

“We also approached Baba Harare’s legal counsel who is said to be representing him in this matter and they have not furnished us with details of the filing.

“It has been almost a week and they have not responded with information regarding this lawsuit filing nor have they given us the reason why we have not been furnished with the court papers so as to respond to the lawsuit accordingly through the right legal channels,” said Guvamatanga.

“Where and when we receive the so called summons we will engage our legal team to respond to the lawsuit and summons and also commence the litigation process . We will also counter sue Baba Harare management for breach of contract, slander, libel and defamation of character.”

Guvamatanga said their music company will remain transparent in its operations and called other musicians willing to engage JMG to approach its management. The Herald.