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MisRed again claims Zimbabweans are exaggerating crisis in the country

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

Controversial radio and television personality Samantha Musa, known as “Misred”, has awkwardly posted a video on social media claiming Zimbabweans are exaggerating the crisis in the country.


On Sunday, Misred posted a video castigating Zimbabweans for campaigning against their country.

She said reports of human rights abuses in Zimbabwe were being exaggerated and argued that abductions and arrests of civilians were normal in Africa.

“Right now, you don’t like your country. You have everything to talk about this country, so what are you fighting for? Absolutely nothing!

“If you say Zimbabwe is bad, people outside will also say Zimbabweans are bad.

“Things are tight in Africa. Zimbabwe, Nigeria and all over Africa. In Nigeria, people are abducted, beaten and arrested. Don’t ever think it’s Zimbabwe alone. Something is happening in Africa. Uganda for example, things are too bad. But let’s not go and say Nigeria is better than Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabwe is our country. We love our country and we need to fight for it. We need to understand what we value most about our country in order for us to know what we are fighting for,” Misred said.

UK based socialite Olinda Chapel had to intervene and called her to order.

Chapel said Misred’s sentiments were disrespectful to victims of State sponsored abductions and torture, such as Itai Dzamara and his brother Patson.

“I think Misred you’re being completely disrespectful to the people of Zimbabwe. You just need to stop! Some comments you make are hurtful, especially to people like Itai and Patson Dzamara and those that were killed by soldiers,” she said.

Itai was abducted in 2015 and has never been found to this day. Patson died in August this year from colon cancer. Some suspect he was poisoned in police custody.

In August 2018, soon after the elections, soldiers fired live bullets at civilians who were demonstrating against the late announcement of election results. Six civilians died.

Misred has been attacked on social media, with the majority of users alleging that she sides with Zanu PF because she is allegedly in a relationship with someone in the party.

The ZiFM Stereo presenter was previously accused of being in a romantic entanglement with former Zanu PF deputy youth secretary, Lewis Matutu. Rumours were sparked after pictures of a woman with MisRed’s resemblance cosying up with Matutu were shared on social media.

Recently she made stunning sentiments to a Ghanaian radio where she said social media’s trending #ZimbabweanLivesMatter was exaggerating the actual events on the ground. She said there was no crisis in Zimbabwe. She apologised after a backlash on social media. Nehanda Radio