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I’m single by choice: Shasha

…Single, album on the way

BET award-winner Shasha is is home for the first time since winning the award.

BET award-winner Shasha is home in Zimbabwe for the first time after winning the award.
BET award-winner Shasha is home in Zimbabwe for the first time since winning the award.

Shasha visited the H-Metro newsroom for a brief interview with Zvikomborero Parafini after touching base from South Africa.

She talks about what she is up to and plans for the future. Read on…

Q: How does it feel to be home for the first time after winning Zimbabwe’s first ever BET award?

A: I’m feeling great, I’m feeling amazing I’m happy to be home I’m feeling good, I’m in good spirits.

Q: How do you feel about your most recent nomination in the inaugural African Entertainment Awards-USA ?

A: Honestly speaking it’s crazy how everything is happening from BET to AFRIMMA now these awards, it’s definitely blessings all coming together and everything is finally falling into place I’m super excited!

Q: What can you say about the support you’re getting from Zimbabwe despite being based in South Africa?

A: they have been super amazing and I feel that my people back here have been supporting me and backing me at the BET. I really want to thank them because they played a very important role in us winning the award and just supporting my music generally.

Q: How have you been affected by Covid-19?

A: We can’t perform that’s definitely one way we’ve been affected as artists not having to perform because that’s our source of income. It’s been tough but there are a few things we’ve been able to do on our social platforms, pre-recorded shows and live broadcasts, but it’s been tough.

Q: What are you going to be doing to give back to your community/

A: Sometime this week I’m actually going to Mutare and we will be meeting people out there. I really want to work on coming back home a little bit more because I feel like people on this side feel like I’m not accessible so I want to get to speak to my people and get to know them, see where I can reach out and assist in any way that I can.

Q: What challenges have you been facing as a female artist?

A: I have been lucky that in the beginning when I started this music thing I always had management at the forefront.

I always had a team before I arrived and if you have that and also as a woman, there’s a certain way that you carry yourself that that brings back a certain energy, for me to be honest with you, I haven’t faced any of those challenges I have been lucky.

I can never emphasize the importance of having management, there are certain people you would want to meet and management can help you get there.

Q: How are you hoping to engage your fans in Zimbabwe?

A: This year I was planning to perform more on this side, I wanted to start with the schools, I feel like I have more fans there. I want to have the same presence I have in South Africa here and at the end of the day Zimbabwe is home.

Q: Who inspires you locally?

A: Oliver Mtukudzi because you know, tichikura pataienda kumusha, that was the music we would listen to going to Chimanimani and also Thomas Mapfumo, although my dad forced them on me, I caught onto it and seeing his accomplishments, internationally, he is praised and I was just like this is definitely something to be inspired by look up by.

Q: Being based in South Africa, what lessons have you learnt from the SA Showbiz that you think if adopted in Zimbabwe, it would be better?

A: I feel like Zimbabwe is still growing and having to see what I’ve seen in South Africa, we need production companies, we need exposure and to have people who have made it in the diaspora to come and invest in the industry back home.

I see myself in the future having a label, and I would love to have that here in Zimbabwe, it would be nice to have more people think like me and give back the things we see and learn that side.

Q: What hidden talents do you have?

A: Oh my gosh (laughs) I draw pretty well.

Q: Who would you collaborate with in Zimbabwe?

A: I have already worked with Hillzy, I would love to work with Anita Jackson, Tamy Moyo there are a lot of artists I want to work with, it’s just a matter of finding common ground in studio and a song is made.

Q: Where are you celebrating more SA or Zim and how do you handle fame?

A: In South Africa it’s definitely crazy, I feel like it’s because of people in South Africa idolise celebrities, they look up to them and it’s different from what happens in Zimbabwe. It’s a whole different reaction because in SA they lose their minds crying and screaming.

Q: How has been the adjustment, it almost happened overnight from being an upcoming artist to being a celebrated top artist, how was that transition and do you miss your privacy?

A: I would say I somewhat still have my privacy, I was never really outgoing, and my life isn’t really out there. The transition took me a minute because I still thought I could go to the mall, then one day it was just a flash and I couldn’t go to the mall alone, I had to wear a mask and hide.

I took it day by day because generally I was always a shy person always in my shell and having to have that type of fame was a lot for me but my family and my spirituality helped me to adjust properly into that situation.

Q: Was this your deliberate plan, did you know that we your type of music SA would be a better market?

A: Yes we definitely started here in 2014, I was with Audius Mtawarira and Kush and we started here in Zim for three four years then it was a deliberate plan that we would move to SA to start growing and see what we can do abroad. We crossed over and collaborated with producers because that was our main plan. Then it just took off from there.

Q: So what’s next?

A: I have a single that’s coming out pretty soon I’m not giving out dates, my album is also coming out soon.

Q: love life?

A: (laughs) I don’t know how many times I have been asked that question. I am single by choice. I feel like I’d have to be with someone who understands this industry so I wouldn’t want any unnecessary drama. H-Metro