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From tent to dream home… Carl Joshua Ncube lauds wife for withstanding ridicule

By Thando Kanye

Comedian Carl Joshua Ncube will soon be the owner of what he can proudly call his dream home, and he says this is all thanks to his wife who stood by his decision to move to a tent and do away with paying rentals altogether.

Carl Joshua Ncube and his wife Nelsy
Carl Joshua Ncube and his wife Nelsy

Two years ago, Ncube and his wife, Nelsy, declared that they would do away with staying on rented premises and instead live in a tent in a bid to raise money to acquire their own home.

At the time, Ncube claimed to have so far shelled out about $170 000 in rentals.

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Noticing how convenient it was as they were staying right in the CBD, the couple decided to challenge themselves by remodeling a caravan. They then refurbished a vehicle which was donated by a well wisher in Victoria Falls, christening it Bumblebee.

The bus being delivered to the site
The bus being delivered to the site

Two years after they first made the pledge to stop paying rent, Ncube says their sacrifice and inventiveness is about to pay off.

“Two years ago I convinced my wife to move out of paying rent and stay in a tent so we could build a mobile home and build our dream home on a piece of land we own and not have to pay rent…she agreed and tomorrow we walk onto a piece of land we now own and don’t have to pay rent ever again! That’s the title of my next book!,” the comedian wrote on a Facebook post.

While the idea might have been his, the comic gave credit to his wife for withstanding the judgement from those that did not understand the move at the time.

“I have to worship my wife for taking on the ridicule that her husband was forcing a life of poverty on her… now she os 20% away from the home of her dreams..she is a wise investor,” he wrote. Nehanda Radio