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‘Hope for a hopeless Zimbabwe’

By Zvisineyi Chiromo

Shining a light on all oppressive governments, the women of Belarus give us hope. Dressed in white and waving white flowers, they say no to the Sunday, 9th Augusts disputed presidential election results. They stand up for their families, futures and themselves as women who’ve birthed the nation.

Zvisineyi Chiromo
Zvisineyi Chiromo

The twitter streets have been abuzz with #ZimbabweanLivesMatter and the eternal question why revolt in the airwaves and not in person?

Whatever the case may be, clearly we are yet to have enough courage to face the expected beatings and brutalization’s. Walking out on the streets of Zimbabwe is a in a twisted way, an unchosen choice to be wounded. So far we’ve remained immobilized and have stayed away.

Speaking out hidden in the shadows. Like myself, the majority of us don’t even live at home and so we speak out because we have the protection of borders that are not our own.

I berate myself for my cowardice. Julius Malema called the whole nation out on this. The world sees us, they know we are under duress but, the fact remains, physical protests will always lend the best results.

Without the courage to sacrifice lives we live on hope alone. Let’s hope that hope will save us one day. The protests in Belarus have given the Belarusian’s a renewed confidence and inspiring awe within themselves.

They are finally standing up for years of civil abuses and political oppression. Zimbabwe too has seen its fair share of activists growing in number. Just regular people wanting better, they are evolved and enlightened enough to walk into the fire.

These brave Zimbabweans know they face brutality but they feel the fear and do it anyway. For all the trauma they are taking for the rest of the citizens, I for one am sorry that I am not strong enough to join them.

Thank you fellow Zimbabweans.

Our time shall come too. Somehow, some way, we shall overcome.

Still, we are hopeful Zimbabweans.

Zvisineyi Chiromo is a Zimbabwean based in the diaspora.