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It’s heartbreaking: Dube

By Blessing Malinganiza

American-based footballer Nyasha Dube says workouts and gym is helping him keep fit as he awaits the start of team training.

Nyasha Dube
Nyasha Dube

Dube is son to Hwange coach Nation Dube and plays as a midfielder.

“Currently yes I’m training. Our coaches gave us workout programs so I do the workouts and I also go to the gym regularly.

“It’s so heartbreaking to us players to learn that the league has been suspended because soccer is our life.

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“Whenever that aspect of our life is taken away it has psychological effects on us and I would like to believe that even our fans and coaches are feeling the same way also but we just keep praying to God that he heals the land so one day things can get back to normal,” he said.

The Little Rock Stars player says adjusting will not be easy when they get back to the field.

“When I get back on the field physically it won’t be the same because now the body has to re adjust to the tempo of the game.

“And maybe the weather during that period won’t be conducive enough also because there are certain seasons when we play and we usually don’t play much during winter or early spring.

“Besides that I don’t think there will be a big change because the soccer field is my home so yeah, that great feeling is inevitable,” he said.

Dube says he is worried but is sure he is safe despite USA being one of the Covid-19 hotspots.

“Like everyone around the world I’m worried about my safety and I’m following all the guidelines which are being given by our respective health institutions.

“When it comes to precautionary measures I mean I try by all means not to be around people and I sanitize a lot and also protect myself when I go to public places like malls and grocery stores,” he said. H-Metro