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Xmas horror rapist jailed 30 years

By Patrick Chitumba

A 60 -year-old Gweru man has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for raping a woman in her early 30s as well as her daughter on Christmas day last year.

Appearing before Regional Magistrate Mrs Phathekile Msipa facing two counts of rape was Wester Maposa from Plot 52, Summerset Farm in Gweru.

Maposa pleaded not guilty to the charge.

He was convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

He will, however, serve 25 years in jail after Mrs Msipa suspended five years of his sentence on condition of good behavior.

“The State was advocating for life imprisonment for the accused because what he did is inhuman. He raped the mother while her daughter was watching in horror and then raped the daughter.

“The accused is sentenced to 30 years of which five years are suspended on condition of good behavior,” she said.

It was the State’s case that on Christmas Day last year at around 8AM, the complainants, who are mother and daughter whose names have been withheld to protect their identities went to Maposa’s homestead.

The woman had bought amacimbi from the accused person the previous day and wanted to return them as they tasted bad.

Upon arrival, the court heard that they found Maposa at home alone.

He gave them some food to eat and suggested to take them to a certain prophet the following day for some prayers.

The woman and her daughter went back to their homestead and later came back on the same day as they wanted to sleep at the accused person’s homestead before embarking on the journey to the prophet the following morning.

The accused person, the State proved, asked the complainant to prepare some food which she did and they ate together.

He then told them to sleep in his bedroom but they refused, opting to sleep in the kitchen.

Maposa, the court heard insisted that they sleep in the bedroom with him.

The accused invited the woman to sleep with him on his bed, but she refused and slept with her daughter on the floor.

The accused person them woke up and took an iron bar which was under his bed and ordered the two to remove their clothes.

He took a white cloth which was on his bed and used it to rub their breasts and private parts claiming to be removing evil spirits.

He then told the woman that the spirit had tasked him to have sexual intercourse with her and the complainant refused.

The woman tried to run away but she was struck on the head with an iron bar and she fell down and became unconscious.

The accused person raped her as she was unconscious and also raped her daughter.

When the woman regained consciousness, he released them and the two proceeded to the police station and made a report leading to Maposa’s arrest. The Chronicle