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Calaz, Van Choga part ways

By Praise Masvosva

Zimdancehall chanter Van Choga and Seh Calaz have parted ways.

Van Choga and Seh Calaz
Van Choga and Seh Calaz

Van Choga confirmed the developments but could not say much on the issue.

“It’s still sketchy but I can confirm I am no longer part of Yalanation.

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“I can refer you to my management because for now I can’t say anything.

“If there is something new you will be the first person to know,” he said.

Calaz’s publicist King George Damson said there is no bad blood between the two entertainers.

“As far as I know, there is no bad blood between these two chanters.

“As Seh Calaz Music and Yalanation Studios we want to issue a public statement regarding Van Choga to the effect that Van Choga will no longer be working with Seh Calaz Music and Yalanation Studios.

“Van Choga has advised us that he now wants to pursue another direction with different people.

“We hold no reservations with his personal choice and thus accordingly we release him,” he said.

He added:

“We wish him the best in his journey.

“As Seh Calaz Music and Yalanation Studios we are proud of the part we played since we started working with Van Choga around June 2019 to date.

“We have given our all in terms of support for his career to progress.”

King George also said Calaz’s goal is to give upcoming artists a platform to showcase their talent.

“Seh Calaz will continue to give young people an opportunity to showcase their talent.

“He will continue to do so and any young person willing to work with our stable is welcome,” he said.

In another interview, Van Choga’s handler Tai “International” Mazanhi said there was an altercation but they are working on it.

“There was just a minor in-house miscommunication issue which is being rectified, if there is anything we will advise you in due course,” he said.

Calaz also said he has no problem with the talented chanter.

“Inini I took him in as my younger brother ndaishanda naye on a personal level not as Yalanation but as Seh Calaz and I thank God nekutisanganisa he is a talented and hard working young man.

“Akasimudzirawo zita re Yalanation we thank him for the time yataiva tese and I wish him the best in his career, Bholato Bholato,” said Calaz. H-Metro