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DeMbare put players under surveillance

By Tadious Manyepo

Dynamos coach, Tonderai Ndiraya, says he is closely working with team stakeholders entrusted with monitoring his players’ day-to-day activities, until football activities are allowed back.

Tonderai Ndiraya
Tonderai Ndiraya

Some Premiership players, including those from the Glamour Boys, have been playing ‘’money games.’’

Ndiraya, who has signed 13 new players as he bids to transform DeMbare into a competitive outfit again, said their players were under surveillance.

“Yes, we have put people in each and every suburb where our players stay so that they can monitor them,” Ndiraya said.

“Look, we are a big institution and we have enacted a code of conduct which each and every one of the players should strictly adhere to.

“That code of conduct works, whether football is under lockdown or not, but the fact that we cannot meet as a team, due to the lockdown regulations, means that code of conduct is even more important.

“Any violation of that code of conduct attracts varying penalties, including heavy fines and suspensions.

“Obviously, we get so concerned, and even embarrassed, when we get reports from the media that some of our players are engaging in such things like drug abuse, and wandering around, when we have told them that they should be indoors.”

Ndiraya said his club were investigating Barnabas Mushunje and others, who were reported to have been spotted in public places without authority.

“We are also investigating reports that some of them are being involved in money games. We haven’t concluded those investigations as yet,’’ he said.

“But, once we are through with the process, appropriate action will be taken for those who will be found guilty, whether for playing money games or other anti-football activities.

“We will institute disciplinary procedures among those caught on the wrong side of the code of conduct. We have a disciplinary committee which will deal with those issues.”

The coach said discipline was everything.

“Look, we want to build a championship-winning team. That will take us, at least, two years. That needs some exceptional discipline on the part of players.

“Like what I have always bluntly said, in the past, our team was made up of average-to-below-average players last season and it took some great effort for us to finish the league in the top 10.

“So, for us to be competitive, we need serious professionals committed to the Dynamos cause.

“The players have to be focused and stay away from detrimental activities. But, we know players are naughty, at times, that’s why we have decided to have them monitored.’’ The Herald