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Boris Johnson car crash: PM in minor collision after protester runs in front of convoy

By Natasha Clark | The Sun |

Boris Johnson was involved in a minor crash this afternoon after a protester ran in front of the PM’s convoy.

The moment Boris Johnson's car was hit by the car behind it as a protester jumped in the road (Photo by Martyn Wheatley / i-Images)
The moment Boris Johnson’s car was hit by the car behind it as a protester jumped in the road (Photo by Martyn Wheatley / i-Images)

Video from the scene shows a man jumping in front of the cars as they left the House of Commons this lunchtime after PMQs – with the PM inside.

No-one – including the PM – was hurt as a result of the bump.

Onlookers shrieked in horror as they saw the man break away from his demo and dart towards the car.

After the protester ran into the road, the front car then stopped suddenly, forcing the Range Rover behind to hit it, which would have been carrying his security detail.

After stopping for a few seconds, the vehicles then drove off, with a dent visible in the back of the Prime Minister’s Jaguar.

However, the the taxpayer will have to pick up the bill for repairing the damage to his £54,000 car.

A policeman riding on a bike as part of the motorcade put his arm out to the PM’s cars to signal they should stop, seconds before the smash.

Police then managed to restrain the man before he could get close to the PM’s vehicle – and wrestled him to the floor.

He was later removed from the scene by several officers.

A No10 spokesperson said: “I think the video speaks for itself as to what happened. No reports of anybody being injured.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed that two police vehicles were involved in a collision in Parliament Square at around 2.30pm.

The spokesman said: “The police vehicles were part of a security movement.

“A pedestrian is reported to have stepped onto the road, causing the vehicles to suddenly stop, which has led to two of the vehicles in the convoy being involved in a damage-only collision.

“No injuries have been reported.

“A man, no further details at this time, was arrested at the scene for offences under Section 5 of the Public Order Act and for obstructing the highway.

“All vehicles were able to drive from the scene.”

The incident was caught on camera by anti-Brexit protester Steve Bray, who frequently stands outside Parliament to try and get our EU exit stopped.

He said: “Boris Johnson in car crash at Parliament. Just now. Security drives into back of his car as Kurdish protester runs into road.”

The wing mirror of one of the bikes appeared to come off in the scuffle.

Boris was leaving the House of Commons after having a clash with Labour boss Sir Keir Starmer in Parliament for their weekly PMQs session.

The PM is driven through into Parliament and back to No10 because of security reasons.

It comes as protests in London has seen violent clashes over the past fortnight – as a minority from the Black Lives Matter Movement and counter protesters got into scuffles with police and vandalized statues and memorials.

A group of around 20 fellow protesters – demonstrating over Turkish action against Kurdish rebels – were outside Parliament today.