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New twist to Victoria Falls attempted murder case

By Leonard Ncube

A long-distance Victoria Falls truck driver who allegedly assaulted his wife’s lover leaving him unconscious has been granted temporary freedom after a Hwange magistrate removed him from remand.

Dangling-handcuffsProsper Bhebhe (32) of Mkhosana Township but is based in South Africa was facing attempted murder charges for attacking Mr Zephanisa Toungana (43) after he saw his wife disembarking from his car at the family’s house in August last year.

Bhebhe was also charged with malicious damage to property and robbery as it is alleged after Toungana fell unconscious, he searched his pockets and took his phone and $3 000.

Bhebhe had pleaded not guilty to the charges claiming he was the one who was nearly killed as Toungana allegedly attempted to run over him with his car, forcing him to cling onto the bonnet.

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Bhebhe has since filed similar charges against Toungana, accusing him of wanting to kill him as the case takes a new twist.

According to State documents, Bhebhe jumped onto the bonnet of Toungana’s car as he drove directly at him.

Bhebhe, who is in South Africa which is under lockdown allegedly clung onto the bonnet as Toungana allegedly directed the car to a precast wall and he fell off when the vehicle crashed into a concrete slab before it stopped.

Hwange regional magistrate Mr Collet Ncube recently removed Bhebhe from remand after the State failed to locate a medical doctor who purportedly examined Toungana.

The doctor, whose name was not mentioned in court, reportedly examined Toungana at Chinotimba Medical Centre, is said to be in South Africa.

The court indicated that the case will only proceed with testimony from the said doctor as Toungana was initially rushed to Victoria Falls Hospital but the medical report states that he was examined at Chinotimba Medical Centre.

The court was not furnished with documents showing how he was transferred.

During the State’s case, a witness said he saw Bhebhe and Toungana fighting, while the latter said he passed out and did not remember anything.

Prosecutors allege that Bhebhe had been monitoring his wife’s movements for some time after getting wind that she was having an affair with Toungana.

On August 4 last year, he set a trap for the alleged lovers after returning from South Africa.

When Bhebhe left home, his wife allegedly invited Toungana for a nice time.

Bhebhe pounced on the two in the evening as Toungana was dropping his wife home after a shopping spree in town.

He allegedly attacked Toungana all over the body using stones, logs and an unknown object leaving him for dead.

“On the 4th day of August 2019 at around 9.30PM the complainant went to drop the accused’s wife in Mkhosana suburb.

“Bhebhe who suspected his wife was having an affair with Toungana laid an ambush,” prosecutor Mr Vumizulu Mangena said.

“When he saw Bhebhe, Toungana allegedly started the car and attempted to drive away but Bhebhe jumped and clung onto the bonnet of the car. Toungana crashed the car into a concrete slab.

“It is alleged Bhebhe disembarked from the car’s bonnet and assaulted Toungana until he passed out. The Chronicle