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Buyanga, Muteswa drama continues

The ongoing wrangle between businessman Frank Buyanga and his girlfriend, Chantelle Muteswa has taken another twist with her father allegedly posting a “death threat” on social media.

Frank Buyanga and Chantelle Tatenda Muteswa
Frank Buyanga and Chantelle Tatenda Muteswa

The ex-lovers are involved in a bitter child custody battle that has played out in the courts for over a year now.

Buyanga feels threatened by a Facebook post by someone using Chantelle’s father, Lawrence Muteswa’s account.

It could not be independently established if the Facebook account indeed belongs to Chantelle’s father.

The latest incident happened late last week when Buyanga commented on a post by one of his companies, The Cape Mint, following a donation of food to the needy among the eSwatini community in Johannesburg.

“Your days are numbered,” reads part of the post.

Lawrence Muteswa is reported to have last communicated with Buyanga on that platform from the period between August 8 2013 and September 3, 2016.

Buyanga has a five-year-old son with Chantelle and they once stayed together in Sandton, South Africa before they broke up.

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The Sandton-based businessman and his feuding ex-girlfriend have been to every court in Zimbabwe, fighting over who should have custody of their five-year-old son.

Buyanga is currently with the child in South Africa and the mother is hard on his heels pressing him to bring back the minor following a recent High Court ruling. She won custody of the boy early last year but lost out when she was evicted from a house she resided with her father.

The businessman was then granted interim custody mid-last year and was staying with his son since then.

Chantelle briefly grabbed the boy from him for a few days over a month ago but this was short-lived after Buyanga grabbed the boy back in a movie style ‘kidnapping’.

Early this month, Buyanga however, signalled his intention to end his long-running child custody battle with his ex-girlfriend.

Through an advertisement in the local media recently, Buyanga said he was “aware of the importance of a relationship between mother and child.”

The statement, which was issued by his Attorney, William Wilcock, added that Buyanga was “not opposed to a friendly relationship with Chantelle where they would be able to agree on aspects regarding their child and raise him harmoniously.”

“It has, however, recently become apparent that Ms Muteswa may struggle to have a normal mother-son relationship with her son, not because of any actions of our client, but by the actions of those backing her in her numerous court cases against Mr Buyanga.

“These parties do not wish for her to come to an amicable arrangement with Mr Buyanga, where both parents can agree on what is best for their son,” the lawyer said.

The lawyer said there was “a fear that if Ms Muteswa were to push for an amicable settlement there would be dire consequences for her in Zimbabwe, and we believe that this fear is what is preventing her from ending the numerous court cases that have been ongoing and becoming amicable with Mr Buyanga.”

Buyanga said he “wishes for no negative consequences to come to the mother of his child and if possible, would love for his son to benefit from having a relationship with Ms Muteswa.”

The High Court in April ordered Buyanga to return his son to Muteswa until her Supreme Court appeal challenging a court ruling giving both parents custody was finalised, but Buyanga said he was unable to comply owing to the coronavirus lockdown travel restrictions.

He is however, challenging the order at the Supreme Court. H-Metro