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Abducted, abused, bruised, tortured… now prosecuted; Mnangagwa dares Zimbabwe!

By Stephen Sarkozy Chuma

The continued persecution by prosecution of our Youth Assembly female leaders, National Vice Chairperson Cecilia Chimbiri, National Deputy Organizer Netsai Marova and National Secretary for Policy and Research Hon Joana Mamombe is a clear indication that Emmerson Mnangagwa’s fascist regime is daring citizens to act.

Joanah Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova were abducted by suspected state security operatives
Joanah Mamombe, Cecilia Chimbiri and Netsai Marova were abducted by suspected state security operatives

Abducted, abused, battered and tortured, the illegitimate regime of Mnangagwa has now turned to persecution by prosecution of our traumatized and hospitalized female youth leaders.

To escalate the trauma and pain, the military dictatorship yesterday held what is supposed to be a court session at the trio’s hospital bedsides.

Today, a bail hearing for our vilified, ostracized and traumatized female comrades is set to be heard in the courts.

Our female comrades already have been subjected to some nasty, nauseating and harrowing ordeals at the hands of state security agents.

They have gone through the worst forms of human degradation!

Is it not ironic that ZRP Spokesperson, Paul Nyathi who is on record for confirming custody of the trio before their subsequent abduction and torture is a free man yet the victims are before the courts?

What justice is it that punishes victims at the expense of perpetrators?

Surely the military dictatorship has gone too far!

Mnangagwa and the illegitimate cabal are dancing on top of a political quicksand!

By continuing the abuse of our women, they are daring the hungry and angry citizens to act.

As citizens, we have heard enough nonsense of this military dictatorship!

From 01 August 2018 broad daylight killings to January 2019 genocide and the trio’s abduction and torture, the bloody thirsty regime continues of a bloody trail yet its unfathomable appetite for human life can not be quenched.

Surely the beast has pushed us in a tight corner and poked our eyes enough!

Take charge Zimbabwe!


Stephen Sarkozy Chuma, MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson