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Aussie-based teen targets Warriors

By Chioniso Mashakada

Australia-based teenage footballer, Sean Nzuwa, says his dream is to play for the Warriors.

Sean Nzuwa and his mother
Sean Nzuwa and his mother

He might be far in Western Australia but Nzuwa’s heartbeat resonates with his motherland and wants to one day play for the Warriors.

The 17-year-old, who has been a revelation in in college football in Australia where he has been the leading light for his Kalgoorlie college team, says has sights on the Young Warriors.

“Definitely my goal is to play for Zimbabwe. I might be here in Australia but I want to play for Zimbabwe. I follow the football there and that’s why I am keen to be a national team superstar in future,” said Nzuwa.

” I am privileged that my father and my mother are very supportive and have been by my side since I was a kid. They encourage me to follow my passion. I would like to repay their faith in me by playing football at the highest level. I will continue working hard until I realise my dream,”.

Nzuwa, who is also part of the regional team of Western Australia, has been to Singapore three times participating in the Singa Cup and has also been to Thailand.

His mother Drassilah Chido Chidakwah is optimistic that her son is going to live his dream and go far in football.

“The drive within him is so immense. He really want to achieve a lot in football. He started showing this passion when he was five years old. He would ask his dad to play soccer with him

“He would then fall and ask his dad to do what they do in soccer to run and assist them with a physic and do some therapy. As the parents we are happy with his passion and we are very happy with his focus.

“We have been very happy seeing him take responsibilities being named captain at school, going to Singapore for tournaments,” said Chidhakwah. H-Metro