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One House invites applicants

By Wayne Chiridza

One House Zimbabwe, a reality show which will see 22 locals co-existing in a confined house for 90 days in the quest to win a US$50 000 prize money, has opened its applications with hopefuls being invited to apply.

Prince Mudzingwa, popularly known as Mr Styllz, with his business colleague, Taona Oswald Chipunza a.k.a TeeMak
Prince Mudzingwa, popularly known as Mr Styllz, with his business colleague, Taona Oswald Chipunza a.k.a TeeMak

To apply, one has to register on the One House website and follow instructions there.

One of the organisers of the show, P Styllz (real name Prince Mudzingwa) said all Zimbabweans are eligible to enter, even those who are based outside the country.

“We’ve begun taking applications and the show is open to anyone who is Zimbabwean. It doesn’t matter where they are in the world. As long as the person is Zimbabwean, they are eligible,” said P Styllz.

He said those outside the country should not worry about the travel costs as they will be catered for by the show’s organisers.

For the past couple of weeks, P Styllz and his partner, TeeMak have been captured posing with various local celebrities and socialites with some recommending that they be put in the house to spice up the show.

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According to feedback online, some hopefuls were deterred by this as they felt they had no chance making it against known people.

P Styllz however said there will be no celebrities in the house as they want to create new personalities with the One House Zimbabwe reality show.

“There won’t be any celebrities in the house as we want new faces. We want to create new celebrities from Zimbabwe who haven’t had any exposure as that’s the whole idea of the show,” he said.

He said the prize money will be on display, in a protected glass container throughout the show, to give the housemates a constant reminder of why they are in the show.

Quizzed when the show would begin, P Styllz said as soon as the country is safe from the Covid-19 pandemic.

If all goes according to plan, the show will be aired on a free to air channel and other international TV platforms.

Depending on the outcome of the first show, P Styllz shared plans to grow the show to include other countries from the continent.

“This upcoming show will involve Zimbabweans only, but in the future we’ll be including other countries in Africa. We want to grow the show after showcasing our talent as Zimbabweans and showing people that we’re capable of creating such a platform,” he said.

But before the show launches, organisers have come up with an online One House Zimbabwe rap battle to keep people entertained as they await the show.

The battle pitting Enzo Ishall and Poptain as well as Noble Styllz and Ti Gonzi will take place on the One House Zimbabwe Facebook page today at 7PM. The Chronicle