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Hwange identifies 5 Miles Hospital as isolation centre

By Fairness Moyana

The Hwange coronavirus (Covid-19) Taskforce Team has turned the hospital at 5 Miles into an isolation centre with authorities pleading for resources to equip it.

Ndumiso Mdlalose
Ndumiso Mdlalose

The incomplete facility which was supposed to be a district hospital was reportedly condemned two years ago after cracks started appearing on the floors and walls.

This resulted in works on the proposed district hospital that was earmarked as a referral centre and had taken over 10 years to complete, grinding to a halt.

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The taskforce is chaired by Hwange Local Board Town Secretary, Mr Ndumiso Mdlalose and consists of representatives from Government departments and the private sector. Hwange District Medical Officer (DMO), Dr Fungayi Musinami said the facility was still under construction.

“We have since identified a site for an isolation centre at 5 Miles which is work in progress. Construction is currently underway. We are also working on ensuring that the facility is electrified as it had no electricity,” said Dr Musinami.

She said they had since engaged the private sector to assist in mobilising resources to equip the centre with local companies assisting with construction materials.

“We are using a lot of resources from local companies, the mines especially who have been instrumental in the construction phase by offering material, human resources and other related relief,” said Dr Musinami.

She said she did not have an exact date of completion of the works, adding that there was a need to attend to cracks and defects that had led to its initial abandonment.

“The completion of the facility is taking a bit of time as engineers are also trying to address the issue of the cracks and other defects that were noted during initial construction phase of the hospital. We have to follow safety protocol in ensuring that it is conducive and meets minimum standards set by the Government. The facility has been used as an Opportunistic Infections (OI) clinic before being turned into an isolation centre for the town.” The Sunday News