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Magacha’s ex confesses

…rival artiste behind nudes leak

By Trust Khosa

Comedienne Felistas “Mai TT” Murata reckons she has a calling to mend other lovebirds’ rocky relationships as well as whipping hypocrites in line.

Sabastian Magacha
Sabastian Magacha

She said this after interviewing a girl who was accused of sharing the screen shot of Sabastian Magacha’s manhood on social media which has since gone viral.

In shame, Magacha has gone into ‘hiding’ turning down interviews with the press with those close to him claiming he allegedly destroyed his simcard.

But Mai TT who got hold of the girl on Instagram live on Tuesday night, said neither Magacha nor his ex were hugely to blame.

She said fellow gospel artiste Lloyd Tevedzai who has since ‘settled’ Magacha’s ex and fellow Zimpraise members (names provided) who circulated the picture should also take the blame.

In an interview with H-Metro after watching Mai TT and the girl’s live streaming session, she defended the girl only identified as Anesu.

“What I deduced after speaking to the girl is that she has been a victim of torture from her lover Lloyd Tevedzai who shared the screenshot of Magacha with members of Zimpraise.

“I was saddened that Tevedzai posted it after he came across the picture in the girl’s Ipad which was wrong.

“I also heard that Tevedzai has been promising to leak the screenshot and it finally got its way into the public domain.

“From what the girl told me, the two have been experiencing problems and when the problems got out of hand, they tried to contact Saba which made resulted in Tevedzai leaking the pictures to the public,” she said.

With many people suggesting that the girl should have deleted the pictures when she moved on after leaving Saba, Mai TT thought otherwise.

“I know people would want the girl to have deleted those pictures but in every relation which ends or fails, there are past good memories which live for longer.

“I thank that picture of Saba’s manhood was one of the past good memories the two shared together when they were in love.

“Every person has a time when they think of their past and there is something which keeps on reminding them.

“In this case, it was that screen shot and I suspected the affair ended when she still loved him.

“In my case, I still have my wedding pictures with Baba TT and I still have the time when I reflect on my wedding day even if it ended long back.

“Those are the sweet past memories difficult to erase even of you move on,” she said.

She also mentioned that Tevedzai’s action to leak the screenshot was not new in gospel music circles.

“By the way, these guys were all members of Zimpraise and Magacha has since left and doing something better.

“He is no doubt one of the hard-working gospel artistes who is doing well at the moment after leaving Zimpraise.

“He has been recording and releasing new stuff constantly and this scandal has come shortly after he preached live on Facebook on Good Friday.

“The timing and everything was clear here that they really wanted to either destroy or frustrate Magacha for his efforts he is doing in marketing his brand,” she said.

Mai TT said there were many wars being fought in gospel and church.

“Magacha has also been doing a number of projects to sustain himself which might have angered his foes.

“As it stands, it’s high time that Magacha has to man up and move on with life because this is not new and we have experienced before.

“In my case, I have also experienced the same because my Facebook page was hacked and I went offline while I was preaching.

“That alone tells you that he devil was at play and I have since realised that not all people are happy with our success,” she said.

The outspoken entertainer said the Magacha issue has also exposed the hypocrisy within gospel artistes and those in Christian faith.

“Like I indicated earlier on, the church is full of pretenders who claim to like someone when they are together yet they don’t like someone’s success.

“This applies to the Zimpraise fellows I mentioned earlier on who are busy circulating it.

“The same artistes who are circulating are bitter and have never been at Magacha’s level,” she said.

While the girl linked to Magacha has since apologised, Mai TT said both parties have learnt one or a thing.

“Of course this has happened to Magacha and we are all sympathising with him but we don’t want a recurrence of the same thing.

“At the moment, we are simply saying the devil was at work but he should man up to avoid the same embarrassment.

“I also think that people have learnt that distant relationships need to be managed and people should be responsible for their actions,” she added. H-Metro