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I’m resetting my mind: Ninja Lipsy

By Praise Masvosva

Top chanter Ninja Lipsy has described the 21-day lockdown period as the time to reset her mindset for the betterment of her music career.

Ninja Lipsy
Ninja Lipsy

In an interview, Ninja Lipsy said the lockdown period is a blessing in disguise to her as she is spending much of the time reflecting on her life.

“I am trying to reset my mind and have fresh ideas on how to make money through music without going on stage.

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“I am learning about other businesses because I have the time and also the time to write more music.

“I was supposed to release three singles but everyone is home including the producer, so I am just waiting for the safe time,” she said.

The Taitorana singer also told this publication that she is finding it difficult to stay indoors as she is used to invent things.

“It’s a difficult period for me to stay home doing nothing because I am used to be out there making different things.

“I am known for inventing things and these days the business is down.

“The lock down period is meant to safeguard all of us and the the government officials have done it to protect us so that tozotamba Christmas takakwana.

“I encourage everyone to avoid unnecessary movement to avoid the spread of coronavirus, a pandemic which can kill all of us here in Zimbabwe if we are not careful.

“Let’s follow the orders from health gurus because they know better than us, it’s good for us to save lives of many,” she said

As an artise she said her duty is to remind people to observe hygiene.

“I can only tell people or encourage them to follow instructions being told by health experts to stay indoors, wash hands, put on masks and use of sanitisers.

“People should keep social distance to save lives.

“If you try to resist it will back fire as there is a probability of spreading the virus to many.” H-Metro