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Full Text: MDC Alliance Harare Province stands by Nelson Chamisa

By Wellington Chikombo

Zimbabwe, being a landlocked country, its location which is at 19 degrees puts it within the Hadley cell, and this generally means that the wind blows, or moves from the east to the west.

Wellington Chikombo (MP), MDC Alliance Harare Provincial Chairperson, Glen Norah MP
Wellington Chikombo (MP), MDC Alliance Harare Provincial Chairperson, Glen Norah MP

Needless to explain further about the Hadley cell; one ought to understand the direction of the wind in the present circumstances, in order to appreciate the course of action that should be taken. Indeed nothing is new under the sun, but only the prudent and those who choose to pay attention to history can never be doomed to repeat it as George Santayana cautioned.

Us all, being members of the Movement for Democratic Change- Alliance (MDC-A), we need to reflect on the unity of purpose binding us together.

But in all purpose and need; we also have to appreciate the establishment of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) as a party, the MDC was established in 1999 as a direct response to the human induced challenges by ZANU-PF which include but not limited to the following; atrocious human rights violations, dictatorship, corruption, a neo-liberal approach inclined towards the wealthy at the expense of the poor labourer.

Such a response was not alien to the world because even our erstwhile colleagues in Great Britain, who suffered from similar problems, challenged the status quo constitutive of Conservatives, bourgeoisie and merchant classes by forming the Labour Party on the 27th of February 1900.

The same Labour Party challenged the class hegemony wherein the poor were not represented in government and where the legislative process was skewed towards crafting legislation and policies that promoted and maintained the dominance of the wealthy.

More closer to home, just across the Limpopo river in South Africa, the distinction between blacks and white, popularized as apartheid but operating as apartments, discriminatively divided what whites could enjoy against what blacks could enjoy,caused the resistance movement, dubbed the African National Congress (ANC) to be founded on the 08th of January 1912 in Bloemfontein, albeit as the South African Native National Congress (SANNC).

The ANC was formed to address the race imbalances which manifested as apartheid.

Therefore, as history has taught us; in any struggle, there are those who double dip, also popularly referred to as sell-outs. Many of such similar circumstances are as a result of state machinations.

They are caricatures and manifestations of a panicking state which infiltrates organisations to destabilize them and derail the peoples’ agendas and aspirations. The infamous Hendrik Verwoerd, who as Minister of Native Affairs and later as Education Minister introduced the Bantu Education Act in 1953, was a thorn in the ANC flesh in his insistence to crush the Party.

When Hendrik Verwoerd became the last Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa between 1958 and 1961, the likes of Nelson Mandela, Elias Phakane Moretsele, Jerry Burley and Oliver Tambo among others questioned and challenged his government on why they were involving themselves by remotely monitoring and trying to influence the internal affairs of the ANC.

Similarly back home, during our liberation war, Morrison Nyathi undermined and frustrated ZANLA. Nyathi was responsible for the death of more than 300 ZANLA forces and Mozambican government forces during the famed Nyadzonya Raid, code named Operation Eland, of the 09th of August 1976. Nyathi sold out and personified as a sheep when he was a wolf incarnated.

Notwithstanding the problems that we face today, which clearly are emanating from ZANU-PF machinations as has been the case previously, message to you is that of hope and a steadfast assurance that we will come out of this trivial attempt to destabilise us more beautiful, stronger, and united under the able leadership of our visionary president, President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

As Harare, we are beseeched with a call to demonstrate true and proactive leadership. Let us broaden our base with love. Let us fasten our seat belts, remain calm, avoid scolding each other or fight each other, because Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai (MHSRIEP) left us a legacy of peace and tranquillity.

What is happening now is to our advantage; because everything happens for a reason. Clearly, this will open our eyes to make us see who is with us and who has moved aside, that is who is for us and who is against us. There is nothing new about the unfolding drama and unsurprisingly it cannot be assumed that such a phenomenon will not be repeated in the future.

Our Party, just like any other party aforementioned; that is Britain’s Labour Party and SA’s ANC among many other parties have had several other internal disagreements which resulted in some members of their Parties leaving them mainly to start or join other Parties.

Despite such episodes, we still read and hear about the mentioned parties because they remained firm and unshaken by the wind. In the same vein and without any doubt whatsoever; the MDC-Alliance will remain stable, and engrained to its core founding values because in the cockpit there is an able leadership and together we are better off than we were before.

So we will emerge stronger under the presidency of Advocate Nelson Chamisa. Bear in mind that; torrential rains, lightning, thunder, tornadoes and heavy winds strengthen trees whose roots are deep while uprooting those with shallow and short extensions.

More to it is that; leaves which fall from the tree during the process are manure to the roots and will reinvigorate the tree to better withstand other pressures; current and futuristic.

Most profoundly, I wish to recognize the leadership of the highest pedigree shown by my erstwhile predecessor, to mention; Hon Eric Murayi who, after a carrot was dangled in his face, chose not to follow the poisoned chalice but decided to stand with our president in a great show of wisdom.

Further, I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have demonstrated, beyond any reasonable doubt, a strict allegiance to our President Advocate Nelson Chamisa and to the MDC-Alliance Party during such a windy period.

On top of that, I extend a golden branch to those who are sitting on the fence to come and be with us in our great movement as you will be in very stable and able hands.

I also call upon all registered and non-registered voters in Harare Province to officially join our party through our wide network of branches which are in your very own streets.

As Harare Province, we welcome people from all walks of life, including those from other political parties, to come and join us. Like Morrison Nyathi, there are those who will try to destabilise our Party but I preach tolerance to each other and not to be retributive.

MDC-Alliance Party is a voluntary organization and respects the democratic right of any individual to make a choice of staying or leaving the Party.

I wish to reassure our elected MPs, Senators and Councillors that you were elected by the people and for the people under the MDC-Alliance banner spearheaded by President Nelson Chamisa. So, I implore you to concentrate on your key mandate of a social democrat.

Your duty is to deliver to the electorate without fear or favour as espoused in our SMART document and our unmatched endeavour to make Zimbabwe a better nation and Harare a smart City, despite the machinations of the ZANU-PF failed government.

Put your hands on the deck and through servant leadership, humbly work for the people using applicable methods and paying due regard to the prevailing environmental circumstances.

As I write, we are under great stress emanating from the global Covid-19 pandemic. So as elected officials, we have the fiduciary responsibility of ensuring that we protect our city and prevent the further spread of the corona-virus. We owe the public true information and we have to strive to find partners and solutions to this epidemic as well as fight against poverty which is ravaging our city.

As you are well aware, poverty has manifested not only in rural areas but has now found a new home in urban areas and Harare has not been spared. The economy has exposed our nation and city, and at the moment we remain vulnerable in the face of the Covid-19 scare.

Due to poverty thrown to us by the incapacitated ZANU-PF gerontocratic leadership, I am cognizant that most families will not be able to survive the harsh vagaries of the lockdown as they cannot go about their day-to-day businesses. However, the best choice is to stay at home, practice social distancing and other methods which help secure our lives.

It is better to prevent Covid-19 than to let it come to our doorsteps when government is least prepared to combat it. But in the same vein, I also urge government to instantly and immediately provide foodstuffs to the needy and vulnerable.

This should also include the provision of safety nets to cater for those who have no means of living both in the formal and informal sectors as is happening in other nations like Rwanda and China.


The legitimacy question emanating from the rigged 2018 elections remains very much alive to us and regardless of such trifling shenanigans; together we will reclaim our victory.

At the same time, we need to continue with our preparations for the 2023 plebiscite in which I have no doubt that victory is certain, and our President Advocate Nelson Chamisa will lead us to the true Second Republic.

In the meantime and among a host of other legislative ills, we will continue to decry any proposed immature amendments to the 2013 Constitution, particularly provisions which attempt to heap executive authority in one individual.

As Harare Province, we will ensure that delimitation occurs concurrently with the 2022 national census as provided for in the constitution as opposed to before then in such a way that we would be able to fully represent and serve those within our constituency and ward boundaries effectively.

To our President, Advocate Nelson Chamisa, we wish to reiterate that all Harare Province structures are your roots and we will hoist the tree steady against all tumult.

All leaves which fall nearby shall be manure to make the tree grow from strength to strength and we will let them nurture the tree. The one or two leaves which have been blown far away from the tree will be left in peace to go their way, because they were never with us, rather they should be with likeminded forces. All the good leaves will remain in your tree as they find comfort in your virtue.

I remain

Wellington Chikombo (MP), MDC Alliance Harare Provincial Chairperson, Glen Norah MP