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MORE legal opinions after Supreme Court ruling on MDC case

Jonathan Moyo: “It’s unreasonable and absurd in the extreme for a court to find, as the Supreme Court did in the Khupe matter, that the case is water under the bridge & moot; but rule that it will construct a new bridge in the vain hope of recovering the spilled water to give life to a moot cause!”

Jonathan Moyo
Jonathan Moyo

David Tinashe Hofisi: “Most likely outcome is another split. *MDC* will conform with Court order, *MDC Alliance* will soldier on behind Chamisa. ZANU PF will weaponzie it and say the real legitimacy issues are not in respect of ED but Nelson Chamisa.”

Thabisa Sibanda: “Our good friend Douglas Mwonzora just found out that the MDC Alliance is not a party after a Court Judgement.

“The same SG of the Alliance who contested wanted to be President but chickened out and contested and lost the SG position. People must not pretend to be pious please.”

Dewa Mavhinga: “The succession after Tsvangirai’s death generated conflict which effectively split  the MDC into two separate groups. The two groups, MDC-T and MDC-A contested the 2018 elections as distinct and separate.

“The MDC-T had its Congress as part of moving on, and elected Hon Khupe as President, & MDC Alliance also had a Congress and elected (Nelson) Chamisa as President.

“At this point, there were two separate entities. If the MDC Alliance was just a coalition before 2018 elections, how come it went on to have a Congress that elected leaders?”

Mduduzi Mathuthu: “An MDC leader says pointless for Thokozani Khupe to make a play for MDC assets because “party has nothing, its only assets are the people.”

“On the MPs, “it’s an absurdity that someone who campaigned against our party now wants to lead the same MPs she opposed.” As we were then!”

Welshman Ncube: “The lie that whomever is the President of the MDCT is President or leader of the MDC Alliance is being propagated by desperate charlatans. Clause 3.1 of the Alliance agreement only provided that Tsvangirai would be the Alliance Presidential candidate for the 2018 elections.”

Chalton Hwende: “Our Party is called MDC Alliance the 2.6 Million voters who voted us are aware of the name of the party they voted for.

“We formed it in 2018 and registered it with @ZECzim and participated in the Stolen Election. We have a Constitution, a symbol and a leader Nelson Chamisa.

Alex T Magaisa: “If you are dealing with an authoritarian regime there are two choices: the enabler route or the resistor route. It would be an act of collective foolhardiness if people were to follow the enabler route. I hope most people have the sense to spot a ruse. Don’t be a mug!”

Ishmael Mazorodze: “When you’ve ZANU PF and its compromised institutions fight from your corner, then you should know that your career as a credible opposition voice is finished.

“There’s no way ZANU PF can be sympathetic to genuine opposition. They can do anything to crush real threat @nelsonchamisa.”

Pedzisai Ruhanya: “MDC is neither ZUM, FORUM nor United Parties. Its a monumental party that is denied access to the state by the military not ZANU PF the civilian party.

“It controls 28 out of 32 urban municipalities. It’s not a political party those wannabes working with ZANU PF can destroy. NEVER.”

“They contest and lose and then claim unconstitutionalism. They called for congress. Now want to bounce back through the courts. I can understand Hon Khupe not Mwonzora and Komichi.”

Douglas Mwonzora: ”We are going to set a tentative date for our congress, tentative because we are not a aware of the extent of the coronavirus but we are assuming that in three months it will be safe. We also are going to be writing to the former leaders to hand over offices, bank accounts and everything. They are free to comply or not to comply.

“If they choose not to comply we will force them to comply. But the point is the MDC leader (Nelson Chamisa) is a lawyer who seemed to have been able to read his own constitution. The judgment must be followed and it will be followed.”

Obert Gutu: “There’s going to be a dramatic political reconfiguration that is going to define Zimbabwe’s opposition politics. The “chete chete” madness is past it’s sell-by date. Zimbabwe needs focused & patriotic politics anchored on respect for the rule of law & constitutionalism.”

Stanley Gama: “I’m told Mwonzora and Komichi are interested more in a pro Khupe judgement and have already planned for this. Watch the space!

“These guys sold out a long time ago and are working together with the regime to destroy the Chamisa led MDC. But will they take the pple with them?”

Hopewell Chin’ono: “Zimbabwean judiciary is an embarrassment! Khupe has an MP in parliament and the judges say she is the President of a party with its own MPs.

“This will teach the MDC what we have been saying that they should NEVER seek dialogue from Mnangagwa! They need a different direction!”

Gift Ostallos Siziba: “All former MDC Alliance Provincial Chairpersons have distanced themselves from Morgen Komichi reinstatement and the Khupe charade coming from the Supreme Court.”

Gift Ostallos Siziba: “The fact of the matter is that we went to @ZECzim  and registered our intention to contest as a party called MDC alliance whose leader is @nelsonchamisa  and our MPs and councillors were known. Khuphe had her MPs and Councillors. They lost!”

Tapiwa Taruvinga: “People know that but there is no value, power is in the people, votes are not transfer via RTGS, a good time to build something strong and better.

“She got the name that time and many were shaken but then what, it’s still a merry go round, even this too shall pass. There is always a way.”