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Lockdown not punishment: Shutto

By Shelly Guni

Former Zimbabwe International Stewart ‘Shutto’ Murisa has joined a number of prominent voices to urge the public to practice all safety measures to stop the spread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Stewart Murisa
Stewart Murisa

Murisa, like many other current and former footballers has send a message regarding the importance of following measures by authourities in a fight against the deadly virus.

Worldwide sport has been affected by the virus with some athletes also testing positive.

“People must take this virus serious. We have to be safe. Also we must heed to this current lockdown. Its not a punishment but for our own safety.

“The Corona virus is not a joke. Corona is there and people are dying,” he said.
While footballers miss being at the Stadium doing what they know best, they understand that human life is more important.

“Football players I’m sure you have programs to do whilst at home to keep fit.

“I miss football. You know some of us we eat, drink, sleep and dream football. This is a difficult time but it’s better safe than sorry.”

Murisa continues:

“Let’s pray a lot during these 21 days. Let’s get closer to God, he will show hos mercy.”
Zimbabwe is on a 21 day lockdown aimed at reducing the spread of the virus. H-Metro