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Hwende: “MDC leadership was endorsed by over 2.6 million Zimbabweans”

By Chalton Hwende

We note the Supreme Court judgement, although it is curiously passed in the middle of a global security lockdown and amid a declaration by the Chief Justice that the Court would only consider urgent and bail applications.

MDC Organising Secretary Amos Chibaya and Secretary General Chalton Hwende
MDC Organising Secretary Amos Chibaya and Secretary General Chalton Hwende

We must emphasise that politically, the question of the leadership of the MDC was irreversibly decided by the people of Zimbabwe and reaffirmed at many different points.

It is important to note that the MDC leadership was endorsed by the 2.6 million Zimbabweans who voted for President Nelson Chamisa and the teams he leads. The people also had an opportunity to elect the President and give him a team during the 2019 Gweru Congress.

They spoke resoundingly on the question and there can be no equivocation or ambiguity on the political resolution of the MDC Party leadership questions.

Finally, we all know that the MDC is represented in parliament and so is Zanu PF, Khupe’s party and some independents. This is a way through which Zimbabweans are expressly represented in parliament (regardless of the rigging and cheating related to the elections)

From all the four corners of our nation, the party remains united, is moving from strength to strength and we will provide the leadership we were asked to provide. We take our duties seriously.

As such, we believe that the one thing that remains important to us, outside the politicking by some individuals, is that we must continue to take serious matters to of the prevention of the transmission of COVID-19.

Our people as a country need to be united and continue to observe various steps for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Chalton Hwende is the Secretary General of the opposition MDC