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Obert Chari unpacks Ubuntu

By Takudzwa Taruvinga

Gospel artiste Obert Chari is due to launch his fifth album on April 15.

Obert ChariTitled Ubuntu, the album six tracks namely Sorry, Nhava isingabvinze, Baba namai, Taura tinzwe, Tatadzeiko zvakare, the title track Ubuntu and bonus track Dherira.

The musician said the main focus of the album is to educate people about their cultural norms and values as Zimbabweans.

In an interview, the Mebo hit maker gave an insight on his fifth album.

According Chari, the opening track – Ubuntu – teaches about the norms and values of the people in our society no matter where you stay.

“The follow up song called Sorry it’s about a man asking for forgiveness from his spouses.

“I want men to learn to ask for forgiveness from our loved ones whenever we wrong them. I believe that’s the only way we grow older with our loved ones.

“Tatadzeiko it’s a song that questions our elders who cause misfortunes in our lives.

“The song Nhava Isingabvinze encourages ladies to have good morals.

“Women should not be depended others but depend on themselves so that they will not be exploited.

“The song Dherira warns men and boys about relationships that they always get into while the track Taura Tinzwe it’s a prayer directed to God Almighty though he sent us his prophets which we always consult here and there.

“The last song Baba na Amai reminds everyone to take care of our parents. Some turn to forget about them and fail to take care of them,” he said.

The album was produced by Hermas Masanje who produced his previous album Mebo.

Meanwhile, Chari is currently in studio working on an international collaboration with Caroline Omenda from Kenya, George Will from Scotland and Jaison Midzi from Australia. H-Metro