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Mzembi accuses Mnangagwa of trying to ‘whitewash’ Gukurahundi Massacres

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

Exiled former Foreign Affairs minister Walter Mzembi has advised President Emmerson Mnangagwa to take a step back from any process aimed at resolving the Gukurahundi issue because he was one of the “chief architects” of the killings.

Walter Mzembi
Walter Mzembi

“Mnangagwa in particular must take a step back from any process aimed at resolving Gukurahundi because he was one of the chief architects of the killings.

“At the time, serving as State Security Minister, he flatly denied that there were any such killings. Video evidence is available to support this claim. What has changed?” Mzembi queried.

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Mzembi’s remarks were carried in a statement by his opposition People’s Party.

Mnangagwa is currently in the process of speeding up the exhumation of the remains of the victims of the Gukurahundi Massacres that saw an estimated 20 000 people being brutally murdered.

Mzembi further stated that the families of the victims of Gukurahundi have the right to direct the manner and speed with which the exhumation and reburial of their loved ones must be conducted.

“Gukurahundi cannot be resolved with a piecemeal approach.

“For there to be healing, reconciliation, unity and peace, the truth must lead together with justice and meaningful compensation,” read the statement seen by Nehanda Radio.

The People’s Party has urged the ZANU PF government to at least a erect a, “national shrine equivalent to the Heroes Acre, and a memorial in the mould of the Holocaust Museum.”

This the party said must be “setup for the reburial of all unidentified remains as well as those whose family members wish to have their loved ones buried there. This monument should serve as a reminder to future generations.”

Zanu-PF fighters pictured in 1980. )Photograph: Brian Harris//Rex/Shutterstock)
Zanu-PF fighters pictured in 1980. )Photograph: Brian Harris//Rex/Shutterstock)

Gukurahundi has always been a sensitive issue that most people believe the current President owes an apology to the people of Matabeleland and the Midlands provinces.

“How do you forgive someone who has not apologised?” journalist Zenzele Ndebele asked on Twitter. The following are some of responses to @zenzele’s question on Twitter:

“And what genuine apology (if at all it comes) comes after nearly 40yrs from the same perpetrator of the satanic deed? And the evil doer continues the same act to others while saying sorry for the 40year old deed? There doer will not repent!!! And if s/he says sorry, issatrap!!!”

“How can one self-incriminate when we all know the geopolitical activities of the Cold War? Only ignorant people see the #80’s problems as tribal and homegrown. We are all victims of the Hegemony,” TapiwanaShe said on Twitter.

“Restitution in Shona is ” kuripa”. Se Gukurahundi inoda kuripwa nokuti pakaparwa ngozi. Since the President said it must be approach both legally and culturally,” Phillip Nine Mafunga.

“This is very sensitive issue which is not going to disappear soon ,as Zimbabweans we need to brace ourselves for a serious nation building which will include forgiving gukurahundi perpetrators,” wrote Edson Dingizulu Dube.

Meanwhile, the Mzembi led party has urged Mnangagwa to set up an independent commission to investigate the Gukurahundi matter and broadcast the findings.

“Further, it is important that the facts be litigated on national television in the same manner the Motlanthe Commission was broadcast after the killing of six unarmed civilians on August 1, 2018. The people of Matabeleland must be allowed to speak and be heard,” reads the statement.

The Fifth Brigade that brutally murdered people during Gukurahundi Massacres was led by Colonel Perence Shiri who is now Agriculture Minister in Mnangagwa’s government. Nehanda Radio