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Letter from America by Ken Mufuka: Can money buy an election?

By Professor Ken Mufuka

If I was not an eyewitness to what I am about to tell you, I would have sat in awe and disbelief that US politics is as dirty as African politics. Two issues are important here.

Ken Mufuka
Ken Mufuka

The first one is that over the last fifty years, Democratic leaning elites have built a nest-egg within all the public service institutions, shutting out conservatives.

The best way to understand it is a comparison with Zimbabwe’s Government of National Unity (GNU). The leader of the opposition, with 73 percent of the vote, had no support in any of the state institutions, judges, police, civil servants, and revenue and passport offices.

That is the situation in which US President Donald Trump found himself. Not only that, the Democrats had anticipated a possibility of his win, and had put in place a plan to destroy him, a soft-slow moving coup-which would see Trump resigning in frustration or anger or mental breakdown.

A part of this is that the plotters, even if found, and their activities documented, could not be punished because the judges and the prosecutorial institutions were in sympathy with their activities.

This is really heavy stuff.

Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) was neck deep in this plot. Indeed the Inspector General (IG) was also part of the elites.

The IG found that there were 17 serious misdirections in the activities of the department and as many as fifty-one errors in the case leading to a spy project on Trump. Further  (page 2, 22, etc.) McCabe lacked candor (honesty) in his testimony to Congress and to the IG himself.

The IG offered an opinion that notwithstanding all misrepresentations, there was no evil intention on the part of the actors.

The basis for spying on Trump was a document which the FBI had helped to cook with a British scoundrel, Christopher Steele. At least four warrants were secured from judges in support of this spying activity.

As I write, the Department of Justice has issued a statement that McCabe will not be prosecuted.

Now come to colorful billionaire friend of Trump, Roger Stone. He was investigated for his association with Trump and his possible links with Russian spies.

After 22 months, 40 cut-throat FBI attorneys and 5 000 subpoenas on witnesses, the accusation that Trump was a Russian spy was found to be without merit whatever.

In the meantime, Stone, now 70 years old, had communicated with his long -time friend, a spook called Randy who might give witness against him. In typical New York hyperbole, Roger threatened to “kill Randy’s dog” if he sold him out.

Stone was hauled by a police posse and held in some confinement. Four cut-throat prosecutors want a judge to lock him up for ten years.

Our readers get the sense of equal justice under the law. The Russian hoax was a creation of FBI imagination. If Stone lied about knowing or not knowing it, the issue itself did not exist.

Similarly, Ms. Hillary Clinton, when asked by a Congressional Committee to submit certain emails in her portfolio, estimated to number 30 000, she washed the computer with bit-bleach and smashed it with a hammer.

She lives in New York, as free as a bird.

Billionaire Bloomberg

On the 19th of February, a committee of the Democratic Party will meet in Los Angeles to decide whether to admit New York Jewish billionaire Michael Bloomberg into their primary races.

Bloomberg is a Republican. The Democratic Party has felt insecure under the leadership of Independent Senator Bernard Sanders. Though he won the primaries in 2016, the party used super delegates to oust him.

There are at least 550 aficionados, Congressmen, party officials and operatives allowed to influence the final vote for party candidate. These make up the party.

In 2016, Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz cheated on behalf of Ms. Clinton. Ms. Clinton was told town hall questions and people who were lined up to ask questions in advance.

Now they are at it again. While Bernie (as he is lovingly known by his disciples) polled 5000 votes more than his rival in Iowa, he had 18 delegates while his opponent gay Mayor Pete Buttigieg of Indiana carried 19 delegates.

Bernie scares the hell out of elites just as much as Trump does. Bernie is an avowed socialist. Today he proclaimed that he wanted to review the laws against licensing of sex workers. He wants universal health coverage and will raise minimum wage from U$7.15 per hour to U$15.

So far, Bernie is leading the pack. So the crooked Democrats recruited former New York Mayor Bloomberg to take on Bernie. Bloomberg waited until the 23 candidates had weaned their numbers to four. Meanwhile, he spent U$356 million advertising himself.

Some say he might have “bought” some six black Congressional leaders. One third of the Democratic Party vote comes from blacks.

Here is what Bloomberg did to blacks when he was mayor of New York. “Ninety-five percent (of criminals) are minorities 15 to 25. That is true in New York.” He goes on to elaborate. “Ninety five percent of your murders fit one Modus Operandi. You can just take the description (give above of blacks) Xerox it and pass it to the cops.”

The result was horrible. Well over 5 million blacks were stopped, searched roughed between their legs and sometimes squeezed (read between the lines). Ninety percent of those stopped had nothing criminal on them.

This is a classic example of state sanctioned police brutality.

Bloomberg shows no remorse. “I regret that I have apologized.”

Having failed to impose former vice-president Joseph Biden on the party, the Democratic machine has turned to this Republican to save them. Bloomberg has not asked for any contributions. He says that of his estimated U$70 billion, he is prepared to spend U$2 billion to defeat Trump.

Compare this to Sanders’s paltry U$75 million at hand.

All members of Congress plus party officials, mentioned earlier, are called super delegates. The Democratic machine will create chaos at Conference, and then in a second round of voting will bring in super delegates in a kind gesture to “united the party” in favor of Bloomberg.  With a threshold-hold of 1900 for the candidate, the machine, with 550 super delegates, can have a devastating effect on outliers like Senator Sanders.

Common people who jumped the rope towards Trump are regarded were described by Ms. Clinton as “deplorables, misogynists, Islamophobes, you name them.”

These commoners, miners, farmers, trade union workers and other lesser beings have discovered through social media that there are two worlds out there. There is one world for the elites like the Clintons and the Bidens. They are above the law.

Then there is another universe for the deplorables, the Trumpkins, they are sent to jail on the flimsiest of excuses and their jobs are sent overseas on the grounds that they are ‘smoky and dirty” (coal miners).

I hope I have explained to our readers why Trump’s support among the deplorables, who are held in contempt by the elites, has never shifted for the last four years.

As we were going to press, the Drudge Report released a scoop. Bloomberg will make his take-over of the Democratic Party by enrolling Hillary Clinton as his Vice President.

This is as offensive an “elite double” as one will ever get. They learned nothing, forgot nothing and remembered nothing from the election four years ago. Bloomberg and Clinton believe in nothing. They will say or do anything to gain power.