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Chamisa “has the right to appoint and disappoint” – Nkululeko Sibanda

By Nyashadzashe Ndoro

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa’s spokesman Nkululeko Sibanda has told Nehanda Radio that the MDC leader “has the right to appoint and disappoint” individuals within the party.

Dr Nkululeko Sibanda (left) seen here with opposition leader Nelson Chamisa (right)
Dr Nkululeko Sibanda (left) seen here with opposition leader Nelson Chamisa (right)

Speaking to Nehanda Radio over the weekend, Sibanda spoke about plans by Zanu PF to drive a wedge among the opposition party membership by spreading malicious rumours.

He claimed that the ruling party was seeking to achieve its divisive strategy through the systematic spreading of falsehoods, claiming in the process that its leader Nelson Chamisa was imposing party leaders in various provinces of the country.

Sibanda said it was within Chamisa’s right to judiciously appoint individuals for different roles, subject to specific interests of the party.

“I need to deal with the rumours that seem to suggest that (the party) president’s exercise of powers to appoint individuals to specific roles is or can be subjected to anything other than his own considerations of what is in the best interest of the party, the country and the world,” Sibanda said.

“Journalists and most people know the prerogatives of the president. He has the right to appoint and disappoint any and all members of the party and public as he deems fit.

“These prerogatives are not subject to either question, influence, position or any other power.”

Sibanda said the MDC president did not practise autocracy as was being claimed in certain quarters.

He said the negative allegations about Chamisa were being peddled by a desperate Zanu PF coterie, whose sole intention is to tear the opposition party asunder.

“There is no issue at all; the rumours are baseless and external, and that is (exactly) what I am saying.

“The sources of the rumours are external to the party, and they have two objectives.

“The first objective, like I have mentioned, is to divide the party – since Zanu PF is at war within itself.

“The second is so that they can remote-control the president while he goes about his constitutional mandate of bringing sanity to the party through enforcing necessary appointments,” Sibanda added.

There is widespread speculation in political circles that Chamisa wants to replace Thabitha Khumalo as leader of MDC legislators in Parliament with one of his deputies, Lynette Karenyi.

Meanwhile, Chamisa suspended the entire Masvingo MDC provincial executive committee, amid a dismal performance in a Mwenezi by election against rivals Zanu PF, reportedly with the quest to bring sanity in the main opposition party.

In an interview with this publication, an MDC supporter from Chitungwiza, Tafara Mudimu, said Chamisa had the right to appoint whoever he wanted to any position as long as it was within the interests of the MDC.

“Chamisa is our leader. We believe him; we believe in his appointments and disappointments. If he dissolves a party structure, it’s his duty to do so.

“At the end of the day, we want to fight Zanu PF, so we need a strong leadership and NC (Nelson Chamisa) is trying to provide that,” Mudimu said. Nehanda Radio