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Chief Ndiweni tells Mnangagwa to apologise over Gukurahundi

By Mandla Ndlovu

Nhlambaloyi Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni has urged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to apologise to the nation on behalf of the government over the Gukurahundi genocide that killed more than 20 000 Zimbabweans in the early 1980s.

Paramount Chief Nhlanhla Felix Ndiweni
Paramount Chief Nhlanhla Felix Ndiweni (Picture by GRAEME WILLIAMS FOR THE SUNDAY TIMES MAGAZINE)

Speaking a day after Mnangagwa met the Matabeleland Civic Society Ndiweni said, “The pain is compounded by lack of remorse…someone has to apologise. Till then it’s just posturing. Do you need consultations for an apology, NO! First step is to apologise on behalf of government then call for consultations on healing! Sibuhlungu kabi ngale ndaba!”

In 2018, Ndiweni said Zimbabwe will never move forward unless Gukurahundi was dealt with seriously.

“Zimbabwe will not progress until these atrocities are addressed,” said Chief Ndiweni then. “They can only be acknowledged if time is taken to listen to the plight of the victims. One death is one death too much,speak out, do not hold back, make your wishes known.”

On Monday Mnangagwa with the Matabeleland community under the banner of Matebeleleland Collective, a consortium of regional civil society organisations.

Jenny Williams, convener of the collective told the media when the MC was formed, “Despite the pain still felt and shared by people of this region, we realistically told each other that it is time to engage the government of Zimbabwe.” Bulawayo24News