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MisRed tired but not quitting

By Staff Reporter

Popular Radio and TV presenter Samantha ‘Misred’ Mussa, has poured her heart out explaining how hearing rumours being spread about her is affecting her enough to make her want to quit.

Popular Radio and TV presenter Samantha 'Misred' Mussa
Popular Radio and TV presenter Samantha ‘Misred’ Mussa

MisRed took to Twitter late Monday evening and told her 110 900 followers;

“Today I really just wanted to quit. I was tired, I thought maybe just leave it and live a quiet life without an audience! I get tired of hearing stuff about me & I’m like WOW, I never did that… I never dated that person, I wasn’t at this place! The heresay almost had me DONE!

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“My mentor then said something in passing unrelated to my feelings and said “we aren’t here for ourselves…” and this made me stop and think. It becomes a lot because you are expected to stay calm whilst folks speak of you like you aren’t human… but that’s the price you pay.

“…So maybe one day it will get better… I don’t know but yea… I actually am human! Some of the libelous banter you peddle does affect my life, my relationships etc! TIRED but not quitting!”


In 2012, Musa started her journey as a radio presenter. She started working at ZiFM Stereo, as co-host of “The Ignition” after the departure of top personality, Tinopona Katsande in October 2013.

In 2017, she was named co-host of weekly entertainment show, Coke on the Beat which aired on Zimbabwean television, ZTV with Tich Maruziva.

MisRed presenting Coke on the Beat
MisRed presenting Coke on the Beat

She also had an occasional presenting career at events including: OK Grand Challenge VIP Marquee, Steward Bank Mastercard Launch, The Edgars Fashion Extravaganza and South African Airways Travel Agency Awards.

She has covered international events such as Lake of Stars Festival, MTV Africa Music Awards among others.

In 2018, Musa partnered with Jungle Entertainment Ventures (a digital content monetisation firm), and KOSHA Management (a branding and business development firm) in a career move that is seeing her invest more in building an international media and content brand.

Beyond her corporate and business obligations, MisRed has a passion for female empowerment and advancement. She has co-founded, collaborated and has been an active voice in various socially conscious campaigns.

MisRed was also named one of Zimbabwe’s most influential under 40s both in 2018 and 2019. She has also hosted Red Carpet events in GHANA. Outside of media she is also said to be an entrepreneur.